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“A truly good person will speak truth, act with truth, and stand for Truth. A truly good person is not afraid to think from their heart; therefore, allowing nonconformist decisions, viewpoints, and perspectives to lead their life. By following their heart, they stand with their conscience. ― Suzy Kassem

As with our lives in the “real world” we are impacted by those around us in both positive and negative ways. We form friendships and connections along the way – some last, others not… and sometimes we are fortunate enough to form a friendship which will last a lifetime. The same can be said for this virtual space right here on Hive. As I approach the four year mark, I have crossed paths with countless people over this period and it has been, well… let’s just say – interesting.

There have been some incredible moments shared with amazing individuals and also other times and people which I would rather forget altogether. People have come and gone, changes in circumstance as well as many personal battles along the way for myself as well as others… but throughout it all I have had one very steadfast constant and this post is for her. This post is for you @brittandjosie.

Dear Britt,

There are only a handful of people on this blockchain that I consider real friends and you are one of them. One of the fundamentals of friendship is letting the other person know that you care about them, value and appreciate them for who they are to you. I care about you, value you and appreciate you!

For as far back as I can remember, you have been there to support me, not only with Hive related stuff but with pretty much everything in my life… on and off the chain. Your shoot from the hip personality, spontaneity, passion and “vat nie kak nie” attitude captivated me from the get go and the fact that we could share in this similar approach to life, as well as general character… sparked the beginning of a great friendship. No, we have not yet met in “the real world”, but we will – and will enjoy plenty good wine and conversation when we do.

This last year has not been an easy one. Not for me and I know, not for you either… yet through it all, you have stood strong, retained your passion and dedication here on Hive (a lot of which is completely thankless) as well as continuing to be a good friend to me and others and I know, an amazing mother and wife. You are an incredible woman Britt and I want you to know that. I hope you do.

You are not a “fair weather friend” like so many others around here… and in the real world. No, you are the REAL DEAL and I consider myself blessed to be able to call you my friend. You call a spade a spade, tell it like it is, are honest to the core and you never let people steal your voice – even when you are misunderstood or when people try to belittle and break you down. It is precisely these traits which make you the phenomenal woman you are and the amazing friend you have become – to me. Don’t ever change!

Know that as much as you have been there for me, I will continue to be there for you – whatever it is. Trust is a rarity in spaces like this which makes appreciate our friendship even more because I know we have that. From the highs to the lows, the laughter and tears, the frustrations and outbursts – I love that we can share all of that with one another. Our friendship is not built around a blockchain or a coin, it was not formed through a hobby or shared interest… it grew because we saw the beauty and strength in one another and that is why I believe our friendship will stand the test of time - So, just a few words from me to you… to remind you that you are a blessing in my life and I am grateful for your presence… today, tomorrow, always.

Thank you for always standing by my side, for offering me words of wisdom and support when I needed them - Thank you for taking the reins (without me even asking) when you knew I simply couldn’t - Thank you for the always speaking openly with me, always being completely transparent and for being a shoulder and ear for me through so many moments.

Thank you for being the amazing person and friend that you are! The world is a richer place with you in it. There was a quote on a bookmark which my mom gave me when I was a little girl… and it read “Some people make the world brighter just by being in it”. You are one of those people honey! Keep on shining!

Lots of Love,

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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx






This is making me cry so hard! It’s hard and I know that it looks like I am doing all as it’s easy but it’s not.

You lost your mum and now I am facing the same with my mum in law and than friendship is important. I am trying to hang in there but it’s hard and really fucked until all that happened already these past months and the world keeps turning like nothing happened. I love that you and I have the friendship we have and that we only need one DM. I was at your side during the ceremony last year and I know you will help me this time.

I have so much more to say but I will do that when I talk to you soon.

I am proud to have this
Luv ya
And the promise still stands !

Gonna reblog for sure
Later dear friend

This is making me cry so hard! It’s hard and I know that it looks like I am doing all as it’s easy but it’s not.

Honey I know this. Been there - STILL there - got a few fucking T-shirts!!! You are the same and I felt that I wanted to say OUT LOUD to the "world" that you and everything you do, does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! - Not by me anyway.

Too often, people forget that there is a living, breathing soul behind the keyboard - one which has a LOT else to deal with. You are the epitome of character strength.

Love you angel!!!
We will talk tomorrow!!


I have nothing to add, but my respect for you.

And that’s highly appreciated and the roof blog made me laugh in this awful week. So thank you @galenkp now of to that blog with the 👁 eye you made
Happy Friday

I'm glad that post brought a smile to your face in difficult times. Want me to go fall off again? I could video it this time! 😆

I hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend. :)

Wow! So touching letter to @brittandjosie. No wonder she said she cried reading your post and the link brought me here to feed my eyes too. Lol
Truly, there are different types of friends one would have along the line but it is the one who has determined to stay no matter what that worth it. @brittandjosie truly worth being your friend as she has been there for you for these years.
I know she is happy reading this letter from you and would keep reading it always.

I will for sure keep it as a special one in a list I made of links over the past few years and believe it friendship online does exist

but it is the one who has determined to stay no matter what that worth it

Precisely! :)

I don't know Britt well and have barely engaged with her on much more than a superficial level however your words inspire respect for the person she is, clearly deserved too. That she has supported you so selflessly and willingly speaks well of her heart and soul and that you so openly celebrate her friendship says the same for you.

@brittandjosie is a dying breed in this world. One which SHOULD be cherished and valued but instead, is mostly disgarded and thrown under the bus because she speaks the truth. People nowadays don't much like truth. Shallow puddles and deception are far more appealing and profitable. Yes, she is a selfless woman - an honourable one!

I agree with all you say of course...The world...Well, it's different now and people are too. You know my thoughts on it so I'll not elaborate. It's great you and Britt have connected so well.

Agreed. True friends are a rarity.

Very special people do arrive in our lives, totally in sync feelings, no need to meet in person, you know each other already!

Additional thoughts not required, your appreciation expressed are simply beautiful, know that you too are a powerful lady on Hive touching many!


Command accepted!

Thank you love. Appreciate those words more than you know. x

Something I have always battled is naming and thanking in content, so many great people influencing life through excellent content or assisting. Perhaps one day!

I think you do a great deal online to support and show gratitude to Hive users Joan :)

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Thank you :)