BLOGGING CHALLENGE DAY 23: Piercing & Tattoos

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Have you ever asked yourself, are most of the things I was asked not to do, are they wrong or what makes them wrong?. Is it the community or our parents or the bible that states them as wrong🤔, I'm just curious🤷. You know being born and brought up in a Christian family and a nation where most person's have this obsolete kind of reasoning, they tend to give judgment quickly to things they are not open to.
In the case of tattoo, henna is the extent of which I have done. I am not a fan of tattoo because it doesn't clean of and I heard its also a painful experience. In my locality, you are termed wild or spoilt when you have tattoos in your body, same goes for piercing. Having more than one or two earrings holes in the ears or nose gives you a bad name, most times you are referred as in responsible or a prostitute which is not a good title to go by. But if you are ready to revolt against your family and all, this is definitely the best way to start. For me, I'm not ready to revolt, I'm still managing my time to build my hive account and my life. So revolution is far from my side, but they account look beautiful when nicely done.

I have with me some great writers, the likes of @starstrings01, @tripode, @suffgrace, @macchiata, @wolfofnostreet, @officialuroga, @rollinshive, @cosmictriage, @buttonn, @suzn.poudel, @martinstomisin,, @saulos, @guillez12, @yousafharoonkhan, @anaout97, @lecumberre, @rickardoh, @beckie96830, @lauramica and other who I am yet to mention. This challenge is open to all, you are free to partake if you choose to and you are highly welcome.


Oh muy agradecido por esta comunicación en la que se me menciona e invita a participar. Bueno, yo había comenzado. Ahora reanudaré con el número 3, hoy mismo. Bendiciones, y gracias por incluirme en tal lista.

Estoy feliz de que te hayas unido y te va bien, espero que te resulte interesante continuar

It is sad that there are still people who judge others for things like this, which do not harm anyone and can sometimes look very nice. I love henna tattoos too, they look beautiful and most importantly they are temporary and don't hurt, which is appropriate for what I like. Greetings!

Hi dear, thanks for stopping by. That's the community we find ourselves in, but tattoo and piercing actually looks beautiful

I play with the idea of a tiny tattoo on my wrist a lot. It would drive my parents crazy especially since it can't be taken off 😂😂

🤣🤣🤣my mum won't even want to hear about tattoo talk more of doing it

I understand your point. It is difficult to learn to release the opinion of others. The important thing is to start questioning these ideas, and if you like something, you feel good and you are not hurting anyone, do not pay attention to others. I wish you can make your decisions without external impositions. Hugs!❤️

Thanks, as we grow we tend to unlearn some things in other to get better knowledge of things as it should be. Thanks for the hug💗

Ohhhh I love henna!!!! It´s so beautiful al the work they doo.

It has various designs you can choose from each time you want to do it, unlike tattoo that is permanent that is if well done