Standing Tall and Upright | Musings

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After much wrestling, I've managed to allow some calmness and flow into my being.

I'd like to think of this wrestling as akin to Jacob wrestling with the angel til the break of dawn. Though the dawn has not broken yet, and perhaps the world is spiraling in a greater tornado of chaos, I can stretch my hands to the sky and breathe.

It is true that with all the news we, who are already burdened with our immediate problems, take on a load impossible for us to bear. We take on the load of the whole world, and hear its utterly heart-wrenching groans from the moment we wake up to the moment we lay down our heads.

Then, it is little wonder that the world's groans lodge in our constricted throats and choke us, for we cannot speak.

Only by grounding ourselves in the present moment, breathing, and feeling the energy flow in our veins can we manage to restore our sanity.

We take a step back, away from the dark grey clouds of fear that looms over the collective, and stabilize ourselves through standing still.

We squarely plant our two feet onto the ground; this small action causes us to realise that there is more to life than futile chasing of vanity. Of money, possessions, status and power.

All can be added unto us, all can be stripped from us, but we will still be standing. Tall. Upright.

Image Source: Kilarov Zaneit, Unsplash



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