The Word Is Vervain. ~~~~~ (An Original Poetry)

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The Word Is Vervain. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The "word" is vervain,
that could soothe soured souls
calm crumbling limbs
of weary old struggles
Yet "in vain" we render it obsolete,
for its become lame,
crippled by vague hearts
without shallow intentions

In the stillness within,
we've awoken untruthful thoughts
and sent them on fool's errand,
allowing lies live lividly
in the luxury of our souls.
oh my! We're indebted to our conscience,
but like Judas in the twenty third hour,
coins will gleefully jangle
and we're sold.

The "word" is vervain
yet, it sizzles agonizingly
on us and our bloody,
fellows like vampires,
on a wayward crusade.
For the truth is a foreigner
that once dwelled amongst us.
but now we're lambs on a stubborn lane

In the beginning, it was not,
for this was not us.
now, we're bound by a knot
of faithful discord
woven into endless yarn
of bottomless confusion.
tainted by the compulsion
to live in a slum of falsity

The word is vervain,
yet we're on a odyssey to find veracity,
once, it was just us,
but the serpent supplants us
crowning us emperors
of deciet and vagueness.
the taste of vanity seems divine

The word is vervain,
that cures all ills,
yet it is poison that taints
all it sees and perceives.
effortlessly infecting us,
planting sleek slender
in our mouths
like the sun sporadically spreading
after the cloud is gone.

Written By @Josediccus


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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian student who is a psychologist, poet, vlogger And Sports Writer/Analyst. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off hive can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

@Josediccus, your brother in pen

I'm hoping to reach more people who are broken at heart and spirit, so share on any platform or rehive

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Excelent lyrical reflexion, @josediccus
They say in the beginning it was the word; I guess we are living the end of the word. Now that as you suggest words poison more than heal; now that they have become vain, vague and tainted by lies (fake).
We live strange times, we do. Languages became more complex and diverse after incorporating utterances from so many other languages resulting from intercultural contact, and yet, language says very little these days, obscured by clouds of conspiracy theories and misinformation.
I once read that the bull has its streenght in its horns; the man in the honoring of his word. The word's worth has been trampled on by politicians, religious leaders, and even scientist (who now lend their reputaion to the higher bidder to produce interested sciences/knowledges).
Maybe we are better off without words

Excellent comment sir, beautifully I tried to portray the lies and the deception that lies in the word of our mouth. In our world though deception sells more than anything and it's a pity it wasn't always like that and that was why I painted the analogy of the word in the beginning.
Excellent comments here, I miss your comments and always

Thanks, my friend.
I always follow your work closely. Unfortunately, I have been quite limited lately.
It is always a pleasure