Random morning positivity


Good morning!! I don't think anything special has happened recently. I woke up with a good heart and positivity in life. It's not always because usually, I woke up with unhappy emotions. I've been thinking about being on board a ship but the situation seems dire. I've been thinking about staying like this but I'm still young. I have something in mind that I want to do. Just don't want to spill the childish thoughts that will just embarrass me. Even so, I have this slight feeling that as of now I'm feeling happy.


4:50, I woke up on a chilly morning. It has become colder these days, it's expected when December comes. Also, yesterday, the rain never stopped falling for almost a day and continued into the evening. I glimpsed the sky which I usually do every time I went outside. I unintentionally saw that beautiful big moon early in the morning. It didn't show up last night, the darker clouds covered the sky for the whole night. I even slept early, it was not good to be outside. It just created a lonely feeling not seeing many people outside to have a fun talk. It couldn't be helped, we are under General Community Quarantine these days. The pandemic continues ruining our lives.


I felt colder and I wanted to warm my body. I stayed on my small balcony with my treehouse. It's so tight that it's enough for me to sit sideways. I brought a cup of coffee while listening to morning music. To boost my emotions and to be happier despite the worries in life. Just leave it, for now, just let it be for now, and stay positive that everything will be alright. There's no guarantee but if I don't stop believing, a good thing will happen in the future for sure.


After the coffee, I thought of moving a little. I went down and checked my okra plants beside our house. I've been harvesting it for days and counting already. Every day I harvested one vegetable fruit from it to make sure the okra would not die. It's not much but at least it moved my heart and my stomach. I didn't expect too much but it can be useful in some ways. Also, it's enjoyable to take care of it every morning.


Simple things can affect your daily life. Don't think it will be over when there's morning to come, a new one. Just remember that not every day is the same because we don't know what will happen in the future. Be thankful, be happy for every morning that has come in your life. Don't search for something special because it can only be found inside your heart.

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