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"Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst days."


It's been a year and a season since my faithful, loyal and loving companion Sasha left my side. After all that time I still find myself get teary eyed and emotional as I write about her...


Sasha, a buff colored American Cocker Spaniel, was an integral part of my family dynamics for over 17 years. She grew up together with my son and daughter (my son, top left in the photo, was only two years old when we got her).

On January 2, 2002 my mom, dad, brother, daughter and son were riding together with me in the fashionable soccer mom minivan I owned back then. We rode in eager anticipation for over an hour-and-a-half to a small town located near Montgomery City, Missouri to the home where the family who had Sasha were located.

When we arrived, Sasha was even more adorable than in the emailed photos the breeder sent us. She was perfect in every way with a spunky personality and big brown eyes that melted your heart!


In this precious photo taken the day we got her, my mom is lovingly holding Sasha cupped in her hands. The "aww factor" is off the charts! Seriously, have you ever seen a puppy THIS adorable?

Driving back home, I could not stop stealing glances through the rearview mirror at all the love going on in the back of the van and watching my two kids, brother, and parents lovingly pass Sasha from one lap to the next.

I credit that cute little furbaby for turning our house into a home and making our family complete!


Notice how the inside part of Sasha's front legs form the shape of a heart?!

Sasha became part of my family the day before Super Bowl XXXVI back on February 3, 2002. Although the New England Patriots stole the game from our then home team, the St. Louis Rams, it didn't matter. Having a brand new, adorable little cocker spaniel puppy in the family was the best win ever!

I let my daughter stay home from school on the Monday after we got Sasha to bond with our new puppy, while I used a personal day and my then 2-year-old son was not yet in school. Every year on Super Bowl, I reminisce about the special weekend we got Sasha and cherish the fond memories.

Oh the memories of that day we brought her home, teaching her tricks, playing fetch, chasing bubbles, going on walks, riding shotgun in the Jeep everywhere I went, living through a near-death experience when we adopted a German Shepherd from the shelter to be her playmate and that dog almost killed Sasha, begging for handouts, sitting on my lap, sleeping at the foot of the bed (and making her way upward on me through the night), following me into the bathroom, howling for me when the garage door went up and I talked on the cellphone instead of coming in immediately, and not once did she let me out of her sight -- until her very last breath.


And when my youngest child went away to college in the Fall of 2018, it was Sasha who was at home to help ease me through being an "empty nester." I'm not going to sugarcoat how rough that transition period was for me. I knew Sasha's days were numbered after an emergency visit to the veterinarian a few months earlier in June of 2018 when I learned her kidneys were shutting down. She lived another seven months after the prognosis. And then she "waited" for me until I came back home after my daughter's wedding before she died two days later. Bittersweet...


I am thankful for all the years we had Sasha yet feel cheated that our pets don't live longer. Why can't dogs live to be 25 years old? The emotions and stages a pet owner goes through after losing a pet are similar to the death of a family member. Nobody should tell you "It's just a dog" or "Get another one -- you'll feel better."

Sasha was "that dog" and anyone who has loved a pet with all your heart knows what this means without any further explanation needed. Though I've had dogs my whole life -- every one of our past furbabies holds a special place in my heart -- the loss of Sasha is different. I cannot fathom another dog ever taking Sasha's place. But time has a way of healing the heart. And although there will never be a replacement to Sasha, I have too much love in my heart not to try again.


I need pets and animals.

They heal me.


While he was still alive my father, an avid dog lover who taught me everything I know about canines, told me that after he died he would appear through showing me a sign in the form of a dog. I have all the faith in the world that he will!

I believe in my heart Sasha is with my dad and brother now, and it gives me comfort to know all of my loved ones will be waiting for me when it's my time to go!

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Great remembrance post @ninahaskin.
It is odd to me; people who don't like pets or animals in general can't understand how or
Why those of us who DO like them want them in our homes and lives
Just as if they were our children. The answer is really
Very Simple; to us, they ARE just like
Our Children, who only live
A few years to bless
Us with their

Thank you for summarizing & explaining things precisely, Jerry!👍

Just speaking from my heart @ninahaskin 💖

Losing pets is a terrible thing; I always wonder, when they're gone, if they knew how much we loved them. I suppose that's an emotion more for myself than them, because they can't talk back and say "I know" although I guess they do that with the way the react to our hugs.

I often say to people who have lost someone recently, they are not where they once were, they are now everywhere you go because you carry them in your heart and memories. It works the same for pets and my wife and I carry the memory of our lost pets with us daily.

A nice post, thank you for your support, and all the best with the result after judging. (Way to multi-task with the photo52 and dailypetphotography posts also.)

Thank you for the positivity and encouraging words! It's comforting to be amongst so many animal lovers who understand both the love and heartbreak a pet have in our lives.♡🐾♡

If time allows, please re-read my post @galenkp as I edited it to about twice the original length since you read it to include more stories and memories that came to mind. I felt I owed it Sasha to have at least one thorough story about the unforgettable positive impact her life had on myself and my family documented forever on the blockchain.

And I appreciate the compliment about combining hashtags! It's an easy way to get the word out about new contests!📣

Have a great week!
Stay safe and keep healthy!💫

Hi Nina, I'll revisit the post and take a look at the additional text. Thanks for letting me know.

My cocker spaniel is of 3 yrs now. It's very hard to let go what we loved all the years. She stays with my parents and I visit her often. Coz of the current situation, I could not meet her for 3 months now. These 3 months make me feel how hard.
I can imagine how you miss Sasha.

Even if we get a new pet, the old one will never be forgotten and still be in our hearts, Nina.
And it is as you say, they might be animals, but they are also loved family members 😊


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I know exactly what you mean. Great post Nina!

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Right from the heart. This post took my breath away because it could have been anyone of us writing it, or at least our heart experiencing these thoughts.

Le sigh.

Sasha was such an adorable little bundle when you brought her home. How sweet! I always think this is the best stage - and then their next and next - until they have gone through all of those stages. They seem to have this innate sense when you are going through something in life, something that most humans cannot even put their finger on.

I am so glad you had this time. I cannot believe it has been a year. It seems so much longer, then again... seems like yesterday. My heart goes out to you, but, I know that you feel Sasha in your everyday life. She lives within. XOXO

Love and Hugs. Taking you home with me. xoxo


It's so sad to lose a dog. Great post, Nina.

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There is nothing else quite like a loving dog. We as humans are always so busy, on the go, have expectations of us and of others. We've invented great things, made spectacular art, waged wars, wrote literature to make the soul cry, but all a dog wants to do is be your friend.