HIVEPUD (Power Up Day) on 07/01/2020

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Been saving to do a power up of

2320.078 HIVE

today, July 1, 2020, as part of

HivePUD Power Up Day!

Here are my screenshots showing proof after the HIVE transfer



And here are a couple of screenshots from before the HIVE transfer



The Rules to Win Prizes for HivePUD

MUST have a reputation score BELOW 70.00 ( so 69.99 is good & Can participate.) AND more than 100 HIVE POWER (prior to HivePUD) BUT LESS than 8000 HIVE Power.

MUST have a reputation score of 39 & ABOVE (so rank of 38.99 will Not Win)

MUST Power Up HIVE COIN on JULY 1st, 2020

MUST make a post about your POWER UP on JULY 1st with the tag HivePUD . It can be as simple as "I powered up X amount of HIVE COIN" to a simple picture/screenshot of your Power Up and posted to your HIVE blog, or it could be a super long dissertation on HIVE Power.

IMPORTANT:use HivePUD hash tag so that I can be sure to see them.

The winners MUST meet all 4 requirements, and it will be based on the Biggest HIVE Power Up PERCENTAGE, not the biggest Power Up. This means that it will be based on the ratio between your current amount of HIVE Power and the amount you power up on JULY 1st.

You can learn more about this month's Hive Power Up Day in these posts by the amazing @traciyork by clicking here and here

A big "Thank you!" shoutout to all of the wonderful HIVE sponsors who kept this initiative going!

Good luck to everyone!


Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog. I truly appreciate everyone's continued support! Stay safe & keep healthy, Friends!





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That's huge my pretty friend! 😍 Congratulations for your accomplishment! 🥳🥳🥳

Take care always.

You're very kind!💫
Thanks for your support, Ging! @gingbabida

What a great power up! Congrats to you and to Hive, too! ❤️💪

Thanks so much! @melinda010100
Been absent and busy enjoying happy things going on in my life. Hope all is well with you!♥️

Well done and it's looking good a big boost there 👍

Yes indeed it was and the boost was what I needed to make me a dolphin! @hangin🐬

Well deserved it will take you to different levels good luck with it all 👍

Wowsers! That's an amazing power up, @ninahaskin - awesome job! And thanks so much for the wonderful shout out - I really appreciate it. Good luck with the contest and happy Hiving! 🤗 😊

Great to see you stop by! Thank you for the compliment and support @traciyork -- The Hostess with the Most-est!

Seriously though, on behalf of those of us on Hive who participate in the HivePUD Power Up Day, we appreciate all the hard work, long hours and energy you and the team put into the contest to keep it running seamlessly and being fun!

Nice power up... 👍👍

Thank you very much!💪

Thats huge, great work and hopefully you fall into the prizes , good luck and see you august 1st

Yes, my fingers are crossed for some luck in this month contest!🤞

Thank you for the support & well wishes!
August first will be here before we know it! @brittandjosie💕

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 12 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you very much! @pixresteemer💕

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Always enjoy seeing you stopped by!
Thank you kindly! @esteemapp👍

Amazing power up! 🤩 Congrats!

Appreciate the compliment!
Congrats on your power up as well!📈