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DIY Health | Just a Day in a Birds Life with Peaches, Sorbet and Toddler Cleanup!

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Yep, we are definitely kindred spirits in our peach appreciation. One of the orchards is open for picking with distancing protocols, but EVERYONE has been going so it is tough to find a time to go when they are actually open and haven't been picked clean. Our farmers market has been officially back open for about a month now, though the farmers were all doing pre-orders and safe pickups in the meantime. I've been quite lucky throughout that my access to the local goodness was never interrupted, only the protocol for receiving it slightly changed. I'm still doing mostly pre-ordering from the farmers for pickup at the market, but then buying some things the morning of. They're doing temperature checks at the entrance, moved all the vendors 10 feet apart, and only having one person shopping a booth at a time. It has been busy but working quite well so far. I'm just happy they're all able to keep supporting themselves and it seems that more and more people are appreciating buying local!

I have been lucky in being able to move just about all my business online. We have opened up the studio again with safety protocols in place, but all the corporate classes and a lot of my one-on-one clients are still via Zoom. If anything everyone has actually been much more consistent, so I stayed quite busy throughout this whole time! Starting to work on some online nutrition workshops now for one of our corporate clients to roll out this fall. I think they've actually loved it because we can service all of their remote offices by doing things online as opposed to just their Atlanta location.

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That is wonderful to hear! Markets down here close April 1 anyway so that much has not changed. There is an Organic farmer we met at the farmer who sells csa's so I may do that this fall. I really want to buy locally as much as possible, knowing how the small businesses have suffered so much. I love hearing the way people are re-inventing their business models. Perfect situation, lower overhead and still able to serve the customer. Nothing will replace the in person contact, we all need that but hopefully in time all will be better, if not the same perhaps even better! I of course have been soooo busy with my daughter and 2 year old grandson here. 3 months is quite a visit! lol although I feel so blessed to have had the time with him. They live in South Carolina now so not quite so far, just a days drive so we'll be able to see them even more. Glad to knonw you're doing well Katie! Keep in touch! xx