Wednesday Walk - All the Fledglings Have Flown But More Feathered Friends Were Found. Have a Look...

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Well the Phoebe bird with her chicks have all flown away.
It was interesting to discover how the young birds first learn to fly!

As you can see the chicks have grown pretty big and they have to really scrunch up to fit in the nest.

4 big phoebe chicks scrunched in nest 1 has beak open.JPG

3 big phoebe chicks scrunched in nest 1 spreads wing.JPG

The momma bird has been feeding them regularly and they all open their beaks wide to get their share.

momma phoebe bird comes to nest chicks have beaks wide open.JPG

The young birds have begun to exercise their wings flapping them

phoebe chick exersizing his wings on edge of nest on lamp.JPG

The mother bird when she came to the nest had flapped her wings while on the nest's edge and a couple of her youngsters flapped their wings just like she was doing and they took off flying with her.

There were a couple more left in the nest so after awhile when the mother returned once more she again flapped her wings to entice her young to fly but these two were not ready yet so she settled into the nest with them.

By the next day the last two were ready to fly and took off with their mother leaving the nest empty.

I was so happy that all four chick safely learned to fly and could accompany their mom!

Another bird that must have had a nest close by was the American tree sparrow who was giving me heck when I came to close as you can hear in the video below.

Close Up American Tree Sparrow Chirping in Spruce Tree

close up tree sparrow chirping.JPG

Upon a visit to a pond by the roadside I spotted a female ruddy duck with her six ducklings resting in the safety of the water. The give away that it was a ruddy duck was the way she was holding her tail up. Her ducklings were so cute and much younger than the Bufflehead ducklings that I had been watching grow. The Bufflehead ducklings were looking more like adult ducks as you can see in the photo below.

Ruddy Duck with Six Ducklings in Pond

female ruddy duck with 6 ducklings.JPG

Close Up Ruddy Duck with Ducklings

close up female ruddy duck with ducklings.JPG

Close up Female Bufflehead Duck with 9 Nearly Grown Ducklings

close up of female bufflehead duck and 9 bigger ducklings.JPG

In the pasture near the pond the horses were contentedly grazing among the wildflowers and some young claves were out frolicking around.

Horses Grazing Contentedly Young Calves Playing in Background

3 horses grazing 2 calves playing in background.JPG

The horses were buds and a couple of them were giving each other back scratches.

Horses Giving Each Other a Back Scratch

close up 2 horse buddies giving each other backscratch.JPG

Young Calf Grazing Among the Wildflowers

young calf grazing among the wild flowers.JPG

The young calves were quite curious about me and many of them came to check me out like this little fellow below.

Cute Calf Checking Me Out

cute calf looking at me.JPG

Along the roadside the goldenrod blooms were starting to open up.

Goldenrod Bloom Among the Hyssop Flowers

goldenrod bloom with hyssop flowers.JPG

And on those blooms were the pollinators ensuring there would be a succession of plants to come.

Close Up Pollinator on Goldenrod Bloom

black and white pollinator on goldenrod.JPG

I'm sure there will be many more photo of the goldenrod blooms for they are just beginning and will be with us for the rest of the summer. I love their bright golden color!

This is my #WednesdayWalk hosted by @tattoodjay. He collaborates with @elizacheng and her #MakeMeSmile initiative see her latest post here


The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Awesome pics of nature! @tipu curate 2

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What a lovely collection of photos from so many different birds, habitats, flowers, horses and cows. I can't decide which is my favorite, but that picture of the two horses really stands out to me. They just look so tender in that moment, quietly enjoying one another's company. I also love all the birds, and the videos are quite fun. We have some nests up in our eaves too, and one nest full just fledged right outside my bedroom window. Beautiful post, @porters!

You caught some lovely shots here. Hard to pick a favourite!

It really makes me smile. You have a great collections and inspired me to do so @porter.

Loved the story of the phoebes. :))

My goldenrod has taken over the entire wildflower area. I've not had time to pull it out. It's not flowering yet...

I love having the golden color in the mix of wildflowers but if that is all you are going to get - time for thinning some out!

Love that "back scratch" pic of the horsies! They are such magnificent creatures!

We are surrounded by trees and all KINDS of birds here... even in our "urban living" (which I am ever grateful for actually, because it dilutes the "city vibes" and I love listening to the birds early in the morning) - so we have so many nests about which I often watch and witnessing the little ones learning to fly really is very special.


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It is wonderful to have all that wildlife around you, even in the city! Glad you could witness the young birds growing and learning to fly!

I have seen some of the wildlife of South Africa, especially the birds, in photos shared by other members, in particular @papilloncharity - they amaze me with their coloring - such beautiful birds!

Thank-you for the tip!

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Lovely photos!