Noting can Change you until you Change yourself!

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I have said it hundreds of times to the people around me. Nope, I'm not a motivational speaker. I just try to add value and improve life, not just mine but others too. So, when I see someone need help; if I can't give them any other thing but some wise advice, then I go for it.

It takes nothing to be wiser!

And this is what I think, we all should start with the understanding that the power is actually in our hands.


No matter how much amount of motivational doze you take, no matter how many people try to push you to achieve your goals in your life. Until you step for the change, no one can achieve that for you. And this is also way around. If you be strong in your faith, no one can move you from that.

So either way, it's a good thing; right?

That's why Change comes first.

When we talk about our personal life or professional; change is inevitable. Just take some examples from your life and you will better relate to them.

Let me tell you my side...

I used to work for a multinational. I had to attend hundreds of training programs every single week there used to be two-three. I was young, I was not sure about my career choice, I was a bit stupid. I thought those training programs were a burden for me. Because every week, I had to compromise with my personal life to attend them.


But after a while, when I saw people's eagerness about the training sessions, it helped me to change my thought about it. They used to spend their own money for those sessions not like mine, as my organization used to cover the cost of my training. I get to understand how happy I'm that I used to get that chance. Soon, I invested myself to learn, to improve through those training sessions. And it not just helped me grow in my career but also helped improve my personal life too.

I can assure you if you notice closely you will find some similar story in your life too...

That's why it's essential to understand that change starts with us. It begins from our personal effort, no external force can make it happen but only help us!

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Me identifico con tu historia, pues la mía es muy similar. Entiendo que el mayor de los cambios es el que comienza dentro de mi. Te invito a leer mi post sobre como "Me Reinvento la vida."

Good to know we have a similar story.
Sorry for the late reply. Life got me involved in many things. :(
Have a wonderful day!

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