NOW - The Most Precious Thing!

Present - The most precious gift we have!


My Mom used to tell me when I was a teen 'be in the moment'! I never really get the meaning until I got matured. I guess this is something that happens to most of us. We learn to worry but forget to enjoy the present moments. I guess, we all have some sort of regrets the way we deal with our 'times'. If so, then we can turn those regrets into something fruitful.

And that is practicing 'mindfulness'!

I have heard about this so many times 'be present' but never took this seriously or the way I'm seeing it now. Maybe because I became forgetful and came to realize the necessity of it. Or maybe I'm growing old and becoming more conscious about the true meaning of life. Either way, it's helping me.

If you take your present moment as a 'present/gift' you really can deal with it better. You will not drown yourself in thousand of 'what if' thoughts, you will give your 100% to enjoy and soak up the moments. What you are worried about can be solved if you focus on your present.


Words are words, no? Until we manage to relate with it. So, relate to it. Notice how many times you missed the little things in life, the little joy, and the small gifts from life. Maybe a tiny flower in your way home, maybe the night sky full of stars. We miss to notice so many things happening around and inside us, it just need our little intention.

And that intention can be bought by focusing on the present moments. There are hundreds of ways to practice mindfulness. Even if you don't intend to follow any so-called 'steps/rules' you still can focus on the present moment.

The art of being present is nothing difficult. Remind yourself 'this day you have to make your life a little better.' Reshape your days so it can add value to life. Bring back your mind from the unnecessary thoughts about the past or the future.


The way I'm experiencing it now gives me the fullest feeling of life. I never felt this way. And I know this thought process, this little intentional effort helped me to make it happen. That's why I always feel the urge to talk about this. Because I know my sufferings, it felt like I was drowning. I want to let you know, 'this' can help, this practice can really help you to keep going.

Enjoy your NOW and be in the moment. If you don't ruin your 'today', no one can ruin your 'tomorrow'!


Much Love

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I'm a Happy and Proud stay home Mom of a toddler boy.
I'm a life & nature enthusiast, I love to learn human psychology, I'm a 'Book worm' and very introvert but also love to travel. I'm trying to live mindfully and most importantly, I'm a positive learner.

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This is a lovely post, so honest and simple. Truly, being Present is a gift, and thankfulness for that gift goes a long way in our sense of fulfillment! Blessings to you!

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