Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- Sunday-Organising

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A very good morning to all of you lovely Hivers out there! Welcome to this mornings edition of the.....


9am and I am getting on with the business of organising things in the background to prepare for some big changes in the coming months. From this point on I will be using a part of every day to get things put in order so we have less problems down the line and no last minute hic ups. This morning I am going through my mass of photos and videos on my old Mac Mini as I am going to have everything backed up so I can have the old machine beasted and make it into a dedicated and powerful video editing computer by a friend of @diveratt. It's been quite productive on many levels as I am finding a lot of photo and video I can use for furure posts on #hive which is a real bonus at the moment with so little going on.


So my weekend office at the dive shop resembles mission command this morning. It's pretty cool actually I think I'll watch the Mandalorian on it later as it's hooked into the sound system at the diveshop and that might be quite cool and a nice break during lunch.


Layla the dive shop dog is looking very cute sleeping half way up the stairs. She'll be more active when I have food delivered though as she is the master scrounger. She always gets some of it.But right now I need more coffee and get back to the computer clean up.

Stay safe out there people, wherever you may be on this planet of ours




Good Sunday morning to you too...!

Im feeling the Marie Kondo Vibe right now too and I'm wanting to streamline and downsize lot of things! 😎 my daughter rolls her eyes when she sees me in this mode and always asks if it's okay if I please don't go into her room. 🤣🤣🤣

Hope you guys are hanging in there without tourists... we're still struggling up off our knees here & constantly awaiting the promised Chinese. One day at a time. Enjoy your coffee.☕

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Hey, good morning. We are treading water right now ( if you'll pardon the pun) . I can't see anything improving here in the PH for quite some time so I am going to put plan b into full effect. It's a bit hush hush but all will be revealed in the months to come

Agreed. I wrote about the state of play here yesterday too and we don't really expect tourists until at least mid 2021. 😭 great that you have a good plan B.


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plan b has become plan a now and we are looking forward to it :)

Damn You..! Lmao.

Not ScubaHead anymore, Now the Riddler... Haa haa

hehe yup. Got to keep it hush hush for now but I reckon about Feb all will be revealed :)

hehe yup. Got to keep it hush hush for now but I reckon about Feb all will be revealed :)

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