Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- We will Survive!

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Good Morning to all you Hivers,

Up early and coffee brewing next to me I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Today doesn't look massively busy but there's another diving course beginning and a sprinkle of our usual divers also. Tomorrow is actually starting to look like a normal day. So much so I may have to use our boat ( which thank the old gods and the new we can now use) and a bigger rental we have been using. I will need to stagger things to prevent large numbers of people in the dive shop at any one time.

Never knowing how long things will be allowed to continue before some change I am glad we can take this now as it's a huge help financially.
I really didn't expect to be this busy at this moment in time as so many shops are not in the same situation. Some won't even open as they are just too big and can't justify it for operational cost reasons. We seem to be the right size for this situation.

For right now I couldn't really ask for more than we have at the moment and if we did with all the new distancing protocols it would be very difficult to do so I can cope with this for now. Lets hope it lasts and we stay steady. That will be guaranteed survival and my guys will be getting paid throughout. That will be an acievement.
I'll leave you all now as I guzzle more coffee. Please keep yourselves out of harms way and keep on Hiving!


Stay safe



It's good to be able to have some work at least.

even with the little we have it will be enough :)

This is lovely to read. I hope things can get back to normal soon too. And it's a good thing that you can at least open shop compared to other stores.. We continue to stay safe

thanks man. Yes. got to keep moving forward, do what we can in a sensible safe way

That's definitely some great news!

Not to mention the view. Man, I'd love to be able to have a morning coffee against that backdrop every day.

It certainly helps. Alas the screaming children in the water out of shot kind of spoil the ambiance. No schools open at the moment :(

Totalmente de acuerdo contigo!

That was a good read. I am glad that you are busy again despite ongoing challenges.

just nice to have people in and out and smiling. The dive shop was a depressing shell without the people

Good. Not overextending helps. I suppose the major part of this Earth had overextended itself a bit. Or a lot.

Wishing you good fortune!

thanks bro. We are just keeping the show ticking over. Its overall pretty good right now. Dare to hope

Life seems to be on your side - and not unlikely due to your generally positive disposition about it in general! !tip

thanks @jaynie we must try to stay positive. find theways that can make us win. No other way or you are just admitting defeat. The odds are not so overwhelming right now that would require a retreat. It's a weird time. I love this platform as its been such a good sounding board throughout. Bring it on lets see whats next!

Well said and very true!!! Onward and upward :)

:) is what we do eh!?

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