To Be In Paradise

in The LIFESTYLE LOUNGE9 months ago (edited)

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hope all are safe and well!

I am awake very early and lonely. I am praying that the life will get back to normal. So that I can be with my love ones. I just hope when I open my eyes, what I will see first is the one I love with the beautiful creation of God.

I always tell myself that time will come, God will answer my heart's desires - to live in a normal life with the one I truly love and to be in paradise. The distance won't be a reason to give up but a reason to keep believing and holding on.


Have a Blessed Friday everyone! 😀😀😀💖💖💖

Thank You Lord for the blessings and love!

Be grateful in every little/simple things and you'll find happiness you ever wanted! 😀😀😀

Everyday is worth to be grateful of!

Praying for the safety and wellness of all.

Heal Our Land Oh God!



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