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Hope all those who are reading my story at the moment are well and I wish them all the best. this day i spending quality time. actually the weather was perfect and clean. that's why i blend in nature for short time. i feel blessed cause i also seen this nature view.20200525_15454901.jpeg

20200525_15442901.jpeg photography author.
hope you guys understand why i tell about today weather. look my photography. this the main reason. when i went out home and seat down beside the paddy land then that time pure wind touch my body and i feel happy.
in this time i isolated my life in my village house. next my house there have lots of crops field. actually village people fully depend on agriculture they cultivate many kind of crops this the main season for cutting crops.
when i seating down the paddy land then i remain my childhood that was very nostalgic. cause when i young i also busy in that time with village people cause they cutting crops and i also seen that.
day by day i also growing up but my childhood still same was . really my past was very colourful and i proud for born this area . in this day when i seen this beauty of nature and i thinking it's also more enjoyable if the current situation world should be clear. anyway this my today experience.

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nostalgia and nature can actually be a powerful emotional combination ^^ .. I also really like to walk all the places that I loved as a child and get stuck in beautiful memories ^^