Try to learn from nature

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Try to get up and see if a good time will come.You can never think of yourself as incompetent because your tendency to think incompetent will make you more incompetent, so think a little better and that will take you a long way in good thinking.So in order to survive in life, you must have good thoughts. Try to think well. You will see that you have found a solution to stay good.

20200526_08224201.jpegIt has been raining heavily for a few days and due to regular rains, everything seems to have become chaotic, from human life to nature.
When I took the pictures this afternoon, I was looking at the pictures and wondering how they survived in the midst of this nature.Nature is constantly changing. A lot of rain, a lot of sunshine.In the midst of all this, small fungi have survived. Honestly, no matter what life is like, you have to survive if you don't break down.
If you are a right thinking person then I believe you can learn a lot from nature and that learning will be very useful in your life.Today, when I look at these fungi, I think they have survived in the midst of so many things and their own beauty prevails.
But yes, because of so much rain and sun, they may have lost a little bit of their existence for a while, but they are not ruined by saying that they will wake up again and that is how they will survive.
I think we people who have a lot of grief and suffering in their lives, so you can never think of yourself as unsuccessful and incompetent, you think a little and use your intellect as needed, hopefully you will find a solution.Take a lesson from the surroundings and apply that learning in your life. I hope you will be fine and will not be disappointed.

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