Summing Up My Special Day Through My WhatsApp Status

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A Picture Speaks Thousands Word !

Life is full of surprises. It was a special day. It was started with my #drawingqueen whatsapp status and I started the day by planting a Basil Plant and rest is a story. Hope I made you understand. The whatsapp status have all the feeling to share with the world. I tried, and only 20% understood. Not sure how many make it here 😉

It was an emotional feeling when you realize the kids are growing up enough to make our special day memorable.

Stay Home...Stay Safe !!

Namaste @steemdlow


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Wish you a very Happy Anniversary and many more to celebrate with lots of love and happiness always. I am sure you already had a wonderful day

Thank you so much...🎂 So far so good...just enjoyed the day completelly.

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