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The last time I made a #marketfriday post (initiated by @dswigle), someone commented that they were surprised that I reported empty spots on the shelves in the stores in my area. I went out a few hours ago on another small run for essentials and decided to snap a few photos.

The toilet paper aisle remains completely empty, as can be seen in the following snapshot made on 28-May-2020. There aren't many other stores in this area (as the nearest town claims 3,000 people), but the shelves are also bare at the other stores as well. I honestly don't know how everyone is managing, especially families with many children.


Fortunately, as I was standing there quite dejected at the empty shelves, another woman mentioned a few packages of toilet paper at the far "end cap" of the aisle. It wasn't my preferred brand, but hey — I was thrilled to get a package of it! And yes, I only bought one package so that the other 15 or 20 packages would be available for someone else. That is the way to be considerate and courteous to others during times like these. So, I have six more rolls to get me through until the next shopping excursion, thanks to that kind lady.

As I've said before, if everyone would just buy toilet paper the way they've always done in the past, there would be enough for all who need it. Never in my life of almost 65-years have I seen shortages like these. But a few selfish people have made life difficult for others. I am sure there are some self-proclaimed "preppers" who are hoarding tons of it. At the beginning of this whole COVID-19 event, there were people loading dozens of packages of toilet paper into their big SUVs and pickup trucks. They are the reason the rest of us are having to scrounge now, or do without. 😠 Fortunately, stores have signs that ask: "Only one package per family, please!" but I have no clue how closely that is enforced.

The section of "hand soap" was also empty. Completely, totally empty, without a single bottle on the shelves. I have been using some dish soap in the kitchen — very sparingly, as the dish soap aisle is empty, too — to wash my hands. My hand soap in the bathroom is almost empty, but I have one spare bottle in the closet. If I can't find any more before that runs out, I can always dip into my body wash bottle or even use shampoo if I have to.


The selection was also slim at the "hot cereal" section of the store, but they had several boxes of my favorite grits (a type of porridge, for non-Southerners) so I got one box. For those interested, grits are discussed in more detail here: https://peakd.com/food/@thekittygirl/jalapeno-grits. I already had some oatmeal in my pantry, so I am definitely set until my next marketing day two or three weeks from now.


There were many other sections of the store that were very picked-over and had much fewer goods than usual (such as the coffee shelf, the butter shelf, and so forth), but I was able to find most of what I needed, thankfully! It will be so nice when people stop hoarding and our marketing days can get back to normal.


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal


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Fortunately our area has not run out of anything in particular. Rulings were placed on shelves limiting people from the outset.

Makes me smile thinking why people would make off with loads of toilet paper, it is only for use at the end of production line.

Tinned food, baking products, legumes, dry beans, samp or rice yes, but toilet paper? Glad I don't panic like some, imagine that shitty bill being paid!

Have a great day, should anyone run out of toilet paper, buy an extra cotton facecloth and wash the way we had to at grandma's house when newspaper had run out 😅 just hope you don't run out of soap.

Hah!! No wonder you're so spunky!!! :)


Not born with a silver spoon, you learn to overcome difficulties, no one has ever gone to bed hungry.

Lessons learned from childhood memory using the uithuisie (outdoor toilet at the back of the garden), bathing in a tub in the kitchen when visiting Grandma's house.

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It is very sad to see such a situation, is there anyone else who wants to share like you ... But don't worry, I'm sure all of that will change soon. The world will invade Covid-19 soon. As is the case in my Province, it is now conducive and 99.99% safe from Covid-19.

Is the beer trash a virus or an exosome? Watch plandemic the movie if you can find it.


I went out and bought 10x24roll favourite brand toilet paper (along with other essential items) the moment a lockdown was mentioned, and my family is doing just fine. Considering our country makes all the items I bought and chances of our shops running out, will never happen. We never experienced empty shelves as those shown on international news.


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Ohhh! I can't tell if the people are hoarding or if the stores supply chain is broke. I admit that I am one of those that buy paper goods maybe twice a year because they are big and bulky and I hate to do it. Three weeks before it became a thing I had already gotten my paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and kleenex for the next 4-6 months. I also have been giving some out when they got really low here. They are pretty much back to normal as far as shopping is concerned although this is day one of the phase one opening, so I expect it to get better. Funny, because nothing is open. :)

Hoarders are the worse and we have tons and tons of stores here, and yet, we were out of basics. People acted like the world was going to end. People: If the world was ending, we wouldn't be needing this stuff. Anyway, I am so sorry that you are that short there and I am extremely happy to see that there still is kindness in this world.

Le sigh.

I am having trouble getting sanitizing things still, now that you say that. You can order on Amazon if you use it. You will be able to get soap pretty easily. Heck, I can send you some!!! I was mailing out masks to people that didn't have any. If we can do, we need to. That is how I feel. Thank you for taking us on a walk through your market! I am shocked and appalled at some people. Here is hoping for better days coming down the line!

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If the world was ending, we wouldn't be needing this stuff.

Yes, exactly! LOL! I certainly understand your only stocking-up on paper goods twice a year, and that is not 'hoarding' but being smart! I have usually maintained one or two 'spare' items in my pantry & hall closet — one spare tube of toothpaste for when the one I'm using runs out, a spare can of coffee for when the can I'm using goes empty, etc.

Thanks for the offer of sending soap, but I will be okay! I've checked on Amazon for several items, but delivery times are insane in some cases — "estimated delivery between July 27th and August 3rd" for one item I checked recently, and it is still May! 😱

Salons and things are beginning to open again here, slowly. I was finally able to visit the nail salon yesterday for the first time since early March! Had to wear a mask in there, but hey... not a problem for the sake of my poor nails...!!! 😁

Oh, I had to do mine yesterday!! Oh, I miss my Julie! She's the only one that I've had touch my nails and she does a wonderful job! Funny how you get used to one person and with the high rate of infection from nail salons I prefer to keep it that way. But just keep in mind that I will drop you some soap anytime you need it. And mask. Don't be shy.😉

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I can't believe how it is where you are. I am so grateful to so far have regular supplies. Toilet paper seems to be in normal supply. I have learned not to waste it like I may have in my life. I don't know why people didn't stock up on food before toilet paper.

I feel sad and depressed on a daily basis but I know there are worse situations out there. I hope things change soon where you are.😌

Gosh that looks scary, must be a huge problem @thekittygirl! We're very fortunate then and I won't complain too much about not finding any yeast on the shelves as that's the one pantry item that's hard to find with so many South Africans brewing their own pineapple beer during lockdown;) Hand sanitizers and gloves however still is a problem!

I still see shortages on some basics but toilet paper? At first there was a huge run with most stores totally out. For some reason most residents of my municipality don't seem to be aware is that we have a Toilet Paper mill in town so a week later, voila, presto we now have skid loads available in the stores again. Before that I was giving away rolls to neighbors in need knowing that there will be plenty.