Scarecrows! [8 photos]

Recently, I shared some autumn decorations that I saw not far from where I live. A comment was made on that post by @kidsisters, in which Srey-Yuu said that she loves scarecrows. So, I looked for some old photos from my archives that I thought she would enjoy seeing! 🙂

The smiles on the faces of this crew makes for such a charming scene as they greet people outside the entrance to a skilled nursing facility that assisted my parents several times over the years.

Even this one that looks like a witch is smiling because she is a good witch who does things that make people happy.

This one is wearing a leaf as a decoration on a hat, with orange edges to match the orange bow-tie he's wearing!

And this one has a very shy look, but still has a broad smile! Don't you just want to hug her?

The party continues, with more scarecrows dancing atop the bales of hay! How fun! I like the orange and yellow flowers that they're using as party decorations!

I think this little lady is my favorite of the bunch. She has so many different colors in her clothes and a lovely basket of flowers on her arm!

I like the yellow hat this little guy is wearing! It is such a beautiful shade of golden harvest yellow, a cheerful color!

I hope you enjoy the photos of the scarecrows, @kidsisters 🎃





I loved your autumn post and this one is a favorite 😉 such cute characters and I love the creativity that shows all over with halloween and autumn decorations.
That Lady is my favorite but the Dancing group is cool to 😁

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week 🤗❤️🤗
Much love

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I miss Autumn ! leaves all red and the nice chill nights :D , Love the post <3

I love them all, they look beautiful, I've always loved scarecrows


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Wow, you did this post just for me. Thank you so much. I really love the one with the yellow hat.

You are very welcome for the post and the pics! I am glad you enjoyed them! 😊

I like the decor... they are all smiling!!!
Autumn is so beautiful! 🥰🌺🤙

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Cambodians have now brought back an old tradition in the countryside, a sort of scarecrow like figure meant to scare away evil spirits, but not they are being used to chase away corona. It seems to be much more effective than what the USA is doing.

Thanks for thinking of the @KidSisters.

I always enjoy your content, thanks for making Hive great. Stay Safe.