A Thursday Trip to the Zoo

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So, what better thing is there to do on a spring Thursday than take the day off work and go to the zoo with the children? Why, there's a simple answer to that: take the day off work and take one child to the zoo and avoid all the drama that arrives with multiple children. Whoot!

For this trip I did not bring my "good" dslr camera with me; I didn't want the hassle of carrying it around, so I stuck with my phone. There were some cases where I would have definitely preferred the camera, but I was happy not carrying it around.

Lookit this colony of fruit bats. Seriously, fruit bats are one of the most impressive creatures to exist on earth, right along with kangaroos, penguins, and river otters. These four are my absolute all time favourite zoo animals.


The next Really Cool animal we came across was this seemingly decapitated peacock. I really don't know how he was able to move about; being the male of his species, perhaps his brain wasn't in his head at all.


Ooooh... I just took a crappily framed picture. Here's his head, with brain within. At least the back of his head. This was one long bird.


These kangaroos had absolutely the right idea. I'd nap out in the sun all day if I could, too.


We found a wild mallard


and apparently some 70's dude's front yard.


"Nope, nothing to see here! You're in the wrong place! Go away!" Try as he might to frighten us off, he still can't fly.


You know, I like rhino's, too. Rhinocerous's are pretty cool, and they're apparently much like really big dogs. Dogs are cool too. My dog would be cool if she had a big horn sticking out of her head to gouge people with. Felines beware!


Yep, it's a giraffe.


By the time I got to this hippo I was already realising that I was missing my camera. Zoom functions on a phone are still in their infancy, quite frankly; there's only so much that can be done when the lens cannot really move.


And then there was this. Oh yes. This animal won the day.


I always have mixed feelings at a zoo; I feel for the animals and their limited-space enclosures, but I also understand that one of the largest functions of a zoo is not to display the animals, but one of conservation and ensuring the animals do not go extinct. My cats have a lot more freedom than some of these animals do. Maybe one day they won't be poached and hunted to extinction.

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Looks like it was a fun adventure! I can't wait to take our daughter to a zoo at some point. I have mixed feelings as well, but as you said, some of these animals would be hunted off the face of the earth if it were not for conservation efforts.

The sun seems to have given the animals some sleep. I share your opinion regarding the zoo, it is sad for the animals but on the other hand if they were born in captivity they will not know how to defend themselves in their habitat.
Have a good walk!

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A day off work is also what I need 😀. That is awesome zoo. I have never seen a rhino. We don't have zoos near our area anymore which is sad.

Oh wow.. Fruit Bats, definitely not in my list of favourite animal to see..
Still I guess its an experience to see what Mother Nature has for us

So nice that the zoo was open and you were able to go with the kids! During this pandemic most of the places are closed and we don't have a lot of choices in terms of entertainment for children. As for carrying the dslr with you, I agree that smartphones are working just fine or even better ( at least in my case).

Once upon a time I had toyed with the idea of entering photography full time as a profession. There were a number of reasons that it didn't happen, but as that idea fell by the wayside my need for the camera and all the lenses that went with it diminished. I find myself using it less and less. I still enjoy it when I do use it, but for the most part, my phone works for my needs too.