Loss of purity of consciousness.

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It is always good to reflect on situations around us, nowadays there is a lot of fatalism, murder, robbery, mistreatment, selfishness, envy, disappointment, rancor. Today I dedicate this publication to the reasons why people lose the purity of their consciousness.

Causing disagreements is Satan's special purpose, so every Christian should not neglect the purity of conscience, should not neglect the development of sensitivity and mutual condescension, because then discord, mistrust, criticism and disunity will reign.

When you lose the purity of your conscience, your soul becomes a battlefield for Satan, enough doubts and fears are generated to paralyze your energy and lead you to disappointment, and live in darkness, surrounding your environment with sins.

The purity of consciousness can be lost, even with the manifestation of bad character, bad character puts at risk the mental abilities and life of every person, leading to live in constant hostility and debate, this can be the cause of many attacks against the neighbor.

People who lose the purity of consciousness, live physically, mentally, and morally corrupted, because they lose their vigor and purity, and live oriented to perverse inclinations and passions, and have a chaotic and aimless life.

God, through his word and his commandments, calls us to free ourselves from sin, and has made an effort to feel our responsibility to provide the soul with food that nourishes and revitalizes spiritual life, only in this way can we maintain the purity of our conscience. Hopefully the whole world understands the word of God, surely we would have a better world.

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