The True Happiness

in Christian Fellowship4 months ago (edited)

The blessing of God, accompany you all

Today I want to share with you a few words about happiness, a word that summarizes what God means in my life, fills me with happiness and love.


However, the world is full of dissatisfied people who are unaware of the blessings and joys available to them and constantly strive for such happiness and satisfaction to which they are not subject. Because in reality what happens to them is that they are constantly attracted to some supposedly distant good, greater and more glorious than what they have, and as a result, these people are always disappointed.

All this feeling prevents people from realizing the blessings that are directly in their way of life, they show a spirit of disbelief and ingratitude. They do not appreciate the ordinary, everyday blessings of life.

Whatever position we occupy and no matter how limited our abilities, we have work to do for the Lord. Our virtues develop and mature in the process of experience.

If the truth of God burns in our hearts, we cannot remain inactive. The happiness we will experience when we work will reward all our efforts even in this life.

Only someone who has experienced happiness as a result of selfless efforts in the service of Christ can speak with full knowledge of the matter. It really is such a pure and profound joy that it cannot be expressed in words.

The feeling of freedom and happiness of the conscience to do the right thing, as well as the feeling of satisfaction of bringing happiness to others, inspires vigor, which has a beneficial effect on the whole body, causing greater free circulation and raising the whole body tone.

God's blessing is a healing power, and those who help others from the heart will feel this incredible blessing in their hearts and lives.


God will protect us all from all bad people