Man is the image of God

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The image of God in man includes his lordship over the earth, and also your creativity. Therefore, man should express his likeness to God in all his activities, in his work, in his recreation, in his relationships human etc.

When the man fulfills the cultural mandate, he feels good, because he is manifesting the image of God in him. When man cares for a garden, or fix a machine, feels fulfilled. When expressed in form artistic, in painting, in music, in literature, gives him great satisfaction.


This concept embellishes all cultural activities. We should not belittling art, work, studies, as something "secular" or "mundane", but to appreciate them as a manifestation of God's grace. The Christian can participate in these activities, and also enjoy the activities of the no believer.

Despite the influence of sin, man still reflects some of the glory of God. (Even after the fall, the Bible says that all men they are the image of God, without making distinctions.

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