Faith and the strength of your words.

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When we speak of faith, we must know that faith is not only felt spiritually, but we can also demonstrate it with the force of our words. The secret of the effectiveness of Christian influence lies in its constancy, and depends on the firmness and perseverance with which you demonstrate the character of Christ.

It is important that when someone asks you about your well-being, you do not try to think of sad things and talk about them to arouse sympathy.

Do not say that you lack faith, about your sorrows and sufferings. The adversary is pleased to hear such words. When you speak of the gloomy, Satan feels glorified and he believes we submit and surrender to his will.

The healthiest thing is that if you don't feel lightness and joy in your heart, don't talk about your feelings. Don't overshadow the lives of those around you.

The most assertive thing for a Christian is to thank God for everything, do not think about your sorrows, think about the power that you can ask for in the name of Christ.

Faith can bear the test, resist temptation, resist frustration, we must only believe, feel and express that Jesus is our protector.

When the Spirit of God takes possession of the heart, transforms life, sinful thoughts are eliminated, evil actions are rejected. Instead of anger, envy, enmity, love, humility, and peace, they reign. Instead of sadness, joy appears and the face reflects the joy of heaven.

You can also express your faith and the changes in your life will be proportional to your faith.

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