Public relations and the power of Communication.

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God requires that every person who has tasted the love of Christ and has received Divine light in his heart, illuminate the dark path of those who do not know the best way.

Public influence, sanctified by the Spirit of Christ, must be used to win souls for the Savior, so Christianity must come into contact with the world through public relations.

Those who are endowed with great and noble feelings have a duty before God to manifest them not only in relation to their friends, but also to all who need his help.

Social benefits are also talents that should be used for the benefit of all who are under our influence.

It is also important for every Christian to be taught that they depend on each other, that each of them is a thread that needs to be connected to other threads to make a cloth.

Christians who receive daily communication opportunities use them appropriately, can use their time and opportunities to develop a character that will make them happy and helpful.

Whoever approaches himself and does not want to be a blessing to others in a friendly communication, loses many blessings, because through mutual contact, minds are polished and improved, and friendly communication helps to establish acquaintances and make friends, whose fruit is the unity of hearts and an atmosphere of love pleasing to heaven.

Let's not forget that public relations are what attract parishioners to the church to share the word of God.

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