Open Church: Tell us about your local church

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Welcome to church! Open Church is a weekly post that aims to be a place where Christians on Hive can hang out, encourage and build up one another, and reflect the love of Christ. The church is not a building, but is made up of people who have been transformed by God’s grace.

Each week I will be putting up a new post with a new topic or theme for discussion. But feel free to come here just to fellowship and be a blessing to one another. Whatever denominational background your from, or if you’re just curious about the Christian faith, everyone is welcome.

So feel free to share a link to your favourite worship song, share a word of encouragement, a prayer request, or introduce yourself.

This week’s topic is: Tell us about your local church

With the lock downs in many parts of the world in recent times, many of us have had to do church online. It has made me think how much I miss meeting together in person. I miss singing and worshipping together with brothers and sisters. I miss praying together. And I miss the fellowship that organically happens when we gather.

So that got me thinking about the global church. What’s your church like? Tell us about your church life before the lock downs happened, or maybe in your part of the world you are still able to congregate together.

What does a typical church service look like for you? Do you get together for fellowship outside of Sundays? If you’re able, feel free to share a favorite song that you often sing in your services. What do you like about your church? And what do you wish could be improved?

I would love to learn more about your church in the comments below.

Alternatively, if you are not part of any church, please also share with us why you decided not to join a local church.



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We visit a local church with about 300 members. Before lockdown we enjoyed the services, the praise and the worship, the message from God and the fellowship. We missed that now very much now. Only 50 people are allowed to go to church and I am high risk so they ask you to not attend.

We have struggle to find the right church for us since we moved to the South Coast of KZN. It's every person's responsibility to find the right church for you. There are so many churches. Test your church preaching to the Bible. It must be in line with what the Bible teaches.

I love this song that we sing in church.

@nextgen622 you must also tell us about your local church.

Thanks for sharing Hope. That’s a very nice song. First time I heard it.

Yes, it’s a challenge at the moment not being able to fellowship and be part of a church in person. But it’s a blessing to still be able to fellowship online.

As for me, I’m part of a church that strives to be multi-cultural and big on supporting missions. We have a English speaking congregation, Chinese congregation and a Burmese congregation. I love the multi-cultural aspect of our church, as I love the fact that in Christ, God has removed every racial and cultural divide, and calls us from every nation on earth. Also, I’ve always had a heart for missions and outreach, so I always look forward to hearing from missionaries our church partners with.

This is one of my favorite songs that we often sing at church.

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. We have a English speaking congregation, Chinese congregation and a Burmese congregation. I love the multi-cultural aspect of our church, as I love the fact that in Christ, God has removed every racial and cultural divide, and

Yes, I love that. Also love the song, also new to me. It has great words and a good tune. Thank you for sharing. ❣️

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Wow I am happy to do this, well! well!! well!!! my local church is one place I'd love to be everyday and every time. The children choir, the adult choir, the youth choir, the pastors, elders, Deacons, Deaconesses etc. Makes it so rewarding. All of us makes sure and do our best to Make the church an interesting one not boring.
I feel so refreshed and new each time I fellowship with my brethren. Never have I gone to church without having something to go back home with, a word that will guide me through out the week.
Like last Sunday my pastor preached on Rest a necessity in the process of kingdom Dominion where he said this month is our month of rest from labour and so while resting from that labour of yours you should be prepared to launch out to do better things, least you won't be relevant in the kingdom of God. When resting you don't have to lay and not wake up but rather stand up or wake up to do better.

Thanks for the questions, I hope you love my contribution.

It is wonderful that you love your church as much as you do and that you really get a lot of spiritual sustenance when you go there.
How big is the church? How many members?

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Its a big one though and we are up to 100 and above

That’s wonderful to hear that you love your church so much. I’m glad you can be refreshed and edify whenever you worship together with your church.

I have been taking my 90 year old mom to her church where we tune into a radio station and participate from the car. The pianist leads worship from within the church. The pastor stands on a makeshift platform and we honk the horn for an amen.

Haha, love it! That’s so cool, especially the honking the horn for an amen part. :)

That is a new way of participating. 👍🙂I just hope and pray that we will be delivered from this terrible disease so that things can go back to normal.