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Hello hiveans, 29 May is here again, a day in my life that worth Celebration. God in his infinite wisdom decided to
made this date for me. Of all the dates in the world, God choosed 29th of May to be my first day in the world.

brief history about my birth

On the 29th May in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ i was born into this
world as the fifth child to my parents
in Nigeria. My birth took place in the church, according to my mom, she went to church meeting and while in the meeting, labor took place and she gave birth to me. Wow what a place to gave birth at.but come to think of it, didn't she knew the due month or did she forgot Whatever, God was involved.

I received appropriate parental care, morally, spiritually and academically.
Also. By the grace of God I have been able to acquired skills, training, knowledge and attended seminars that have added value to my life.

I thank God. today, that little baby as grown up to be a man, not deviating from the ways of the Lord but developing in knowledge and responsible.
I really appreciate God for his great benevolent and grace in my life.
I wouldn't fail to recognize my pastor for his spiritual mentorship. I wouldn't stop to mention my family members, friends and everyone that contributed positive to life so far.

Finally, am grateful to hive Community for accepting me and giving me the privilege to celebrate my birthday in hive. Shout out to heartchurch, Christian Fellowship, my followers and everyone. I say thank you all

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Happy birthday dear Handsome man
Soar higher

Dear pretty damsel, thank you so much for Celebrating me.