Where is your trust?

in Christian Fellowship6 months ago (edited)


I like to share this powerful song that was composed by my local church choir. I hope it ministers to your soul.

The song reassures us that God is our ever-present help in times of need and challenges. It doesn't matter how many have risen up against, your victory is sure because God is your help.

So, always trust in God alone and nothing else. The song goes thus;

Some trust in their horses and Chariots
But we trust in the name of the Lord
They are brought to their knees and fall
But we rise and we stand

We rejoice in our saviour
We rejoice in His name
We rejoice in our salvation
He is God, God our help

Many are there that rise against me
Our help is in the name of Lord
Though the wicked comes like a flood
Our help is in the Lord

Though my past were full of misery
And my days were filled with pain
I'm Christ my Lord I no more worry
For Jesus has become my gain

I hope you love the piece!