The view of the sunset and flying seriti birds caught on smartphone camera


Hi all hive friends,,,? Good evening everyone, I hope today's activities run smoothly, and have a happy weekend. I hope you all have a nice weekend.
Still with me @lasman07, this time I will share some pictures that I got this afternoon, and the target of my Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphone camera this time is, the view of the sun that will sink in the west upus, here I deliberately took the sunset view, because a few days earlier I only presented a view of the sun that would soon rise, because the cottage I was staying in faced east, but this time I will try to present a view of the sun that will soon set



I have to work hard to be able to get a sunset view, I have to ride my motorbike very far, to be able to see the sunset, because I have to find a very wide place, there are no trees blocking my view. I was very lucky, because when I was cool to take some pictures of the sunset, with my smartphone, it turned out that my smartphone camera accidentally caught a picture of a seriti bird that was busy flying. enjoy the sunset like me, or he foraging in the afternoon, because in the afternoon like this a lot of food for this seriti, because many small animals fly around.




Up here friends, and I'm sorry 🙏🙏🙏 because these few days I can't make posts, because I'm very tired, because the activities are very busy.