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Have you always wanted to ask me something?
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I will be available throughout the day and should answer questions pretty quickly, but I will try to answer questions for as long as receive them.

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I'm open to pretty much anything but my interest fall in the following categories:

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What are the three things that Stemgeeks needs to move forward and step up as one of the leading Tribes?

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  • More authors
  • More authors
  • More authors

Well I really should be posting more to STEM. I sort of ignored other than reading a few posts from it, but looking at the "what content fits us" post, I saw Build a new PC? Take pictures, explain how you did it. This is fantastic content for STEMGeeks. Well there's always next time(or the next change I make).

So just to be clear, you think Stemgeeks needs more authors?

Not trying to put words in your mouth but it is best to not leave thing up to being misinterpreted.

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Yes, I think it is the biggest issue right now.

I plan on working on this more outside of Hive as I don't believe Hive has a lot of people with STEM interests. I recently make some changes to streamline onboarding a little bit on the main site but I want to add more information to make the process easier.

I am currently working on SEO and trying to find ways to get in the door of some universities to get students using it.

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I plan on working on this more outside of Hive as I don't believe Hive has a lot of people with STEM interests.

I agree. STEM isnt huge on Hive from what I can see. Those that do have an interest in it tend to not be content creators.

The university idea is very intriguing .

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I could write about my job which is software automation, but I fear it would put people to sleep. However, I will try and write something for STEM.. soon.

Hey, some of us would love it. I find automation very interesting to read about.

If you could have/add one person/thing to Hive with the snap of your fingers, could be a person, group, piece of technology, fluffy pony nft, whatever you wanted, what would it be?

Person: Trump, the drama and whirlwind would be majestic.
Thing: Native Smart Contracts

Person: Trump, the drama and whirlwind would be majestic.

One post from him would generate 10,000 comments.

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DT would get us some attention for sure. I hear about people going to Parler, but is Hive a better option for them? It tends to be right-wingers who get banned and I would not like to see Hive go totally that way.

QAnon is already here though.

Does anyone take them seriously? There are others I would worry more about. RT is here, but not getting much attention. There's bound to be plenty I don't even see.

Not a ton of engagement, but there are posts.

People love to think they have some 'secret knowledge'. That is part of the appeal of this stuff. I think the fact is that the people in power are often not that competent. I'm sure there is plenty we don't know about, but it's probably more mundane than what you see people talking about.

I think the parler folks SHOULD come here and form a community named SitnRm or some such so they can have their space and not infringe on others spaces.

I spoke with McAfee on Twitter back in the Steem days tried to get him on Steem. He was interested but said he was too busy with other things at the time.

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For people like him it's about the audience he can get and we would probably be too small to be of real interest. Can be the same for musicians. We need to reach that critical mass that makes Hive interesting to more creators.

I just did an offer for you to do an AMA here. 😀

Have you ever won anything?

Yes, but usually I don't. I always joke that I have the most luck in the world, it's just all bad.

I used to work at a company doing IT and I called into the local radio station where you had to be the nth caller when a particular song comes on, I never usually do this, but I did as I was just sitting at my desk anyway. I was the right caller and at the time I was pretty new to the company and a few of my colleagues were messing with me saying I had to split the $1,000 because it was on company time.

The song was It Takes Two from Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock.

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Whats your thought on witness vote decay? We've got some witnesses propped up to their position from some votes from people who aren't around anymore.

I am not a big fan of it unless it has a long duration (like 6-12 months minimum).

I don't go around asking for votes, but it seems most people do and with vote decay it would be endless campaigning for votes rather than doing anything.

Eventually people will stop caring and will stop voting. It is the same thing with monthly subscriptions, there is a reason they take your credit card information for future renewals, even if you want a subscription people tend to get lazy and won't even spend 30 seconds renewing a subscription even if they like it.

I think a 12 month vote decay is ideal.

Agree that too short a period of time means that witnesses will be vote begging non stop.

Yearly means there will be less of that but will remove "dead accounts".

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So it's preferable to have dead people impacting the block chain? If you don't log in once a month you are not an active user and in NO position to dictate to the chain.

What difference does it make if witnesses beg for votes? So long as they do their job and if they don't do their job no amount of begging should save them.

Idk. Some of us prefer them actually working instead of becoming full-time politicians.

12 months seem like an all right term to start.

12 months should be a minimum starting point from when your vote beings to drop in value. Some people seem to want a full drop but I feel like progressively making your vote worth less might be better. 100% weight for the first 12 months, then each month after that it loses 8.33% vote strength.

And as long as you broadcast a single witness vote operation either way, the process should start all over.

This is definitely a big change and should have a lot of discussion but I hope we get more discussion on it.

Where the hell did I put my pants?

Is this a trick question? You probably don't even own pants.

The Magnificent Marky strikes again!

You are 100% correct.

There's no fooling this guy.

Gotta love the nonsensical noname crumbs!! This is turning into a treasure hunt.

As long as I stay away from the things that pick my ass...

Where do you see Hive in five years time? Will Steem still be relevant by then?

I really hope to see First layer tokens (SMT) and smart contracts so we can have news games and apps attracted to Hive. I think most importantly I want to see more uses, at least 1M.

I think Steem will be a thing of the past by then. Justin Sun has already positioned himself to dump Steem. A large chunk of the Steemit Inc stake has already been powered down (see Steemit Account). I think he is waiting for progress on the Bittrex lawsuit to make a move. Just a guess.

I think diversity of dapps is key. We have a good start on that. A million users would be good, but that would still make it a fairly small fish in the social world. There is a lot of competition for attention.

Is that possibly the real reason why Appics decided to jump ship to Telos?

No idea what drove their decision. They are running a business and will decide what is best for them. We saw DLive go elsewhere too. I would hope some of the dapps will stick with us.

When's your thought on when the Ryzen 5000 CPUs are going to get back in stock?

I hate to say it, but I think for you and I, January+.

They have been in stock multiple times recently but unless you devote your entire day to hitting F5 on 3+ sites, you won't get one.

Oh wow, thats surprisingly sooner than I was expecting. My thought was at least March for guaranteed availability at MSRP.

It depends on how aggressively you are looking for one, March is probably a good time that they will be sitting on the shelves waiting for customers.

Do you think Hive is ready for the masses?

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Mainstream like Facebook? No.
A lot more than we have now? Yes.

Not sure if I should make another comment or not, but I'll go with another question:

Do you think there is a place for moving forward, or will we see the communities take over entirely?

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I think is a really good utility as it is open source and other projects like tribes has built on it. Even Peakd benefits from updates, for example the Twitter integration Huy did a while ago benefited all front ends as they all used it in some way. If we had a bigger team with devs dedicated to condenser, I think it could really be something.

That being said, I highly prefer Peakd.

1- What is the way you see forward to deal with abuse now that scammers have deeply sophisticated their game?

2- What is your favourite cut of red meat?

  1. While there are easily gained rewards it will always be a cat & mouse game. If the rewards are on an SMT, the game changes as a new investor doesn't have to flag abuse, create posts, and curate to just maintain their current relative stake.

  2. It's a toss between Prime Rib and regular old sirloin, a good sirloin with a good marinade is about as good as it gets. But a three day smoked prime rib like they sell at Texas Roadhouse is amazing.

so basically you are saying to me that the best way to deal with abuse is to shift rewards to SMTs so as to stabilize Hive tokens, and so the tokens that welcome abusers would sink themselves? If so I agree with you.
That being said, are SMT's coming by sea container or what?

so basically you are saying to me that the best way to deal with abuse is to shift rewards to SMTs so as to stabilize Hive tokens, and so the tokens that welcome abusers would sink themselves? If so I agree with you.

Not sure the best, but I don't think it is an attractive position to be in as a new investor in Hive to be forced to participate in those activities if you want to prevent dilution of your stake in addition to the standard 7.82% inflation. It's a lot to ask of someone who may only want to speculate on price, contribute to a dapp, or participate in a community. Paired with SMT & Contracts, this could be the difference that gets everyone talking about Hive.

That being said, are SMT's coming by sea container or what?

The current hard fork was suppose to be fairly quick but a lot of critical optimizations were included. A lot are still being worked on, but SMT's I believe are the #1 priority once that is done along with a few other cool things.

Finally, what is the biggest single challenge you see for hive to become a serious platform?

Finding a way to get in front of millions of people without spending millions.

what are some of the main goals of STEMGeeks or in other words where do you see it in 2 years and 5 years?

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My main goal is to give hobbyists and amateurs a community where they can talk about STEM topics and be rewarded for participation. I'd love to be able to go to STEMGeeks to find out the latest news in Technology (I am mostly T & M in STEM).

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  1. If you lost it all, no crypto, fiat, simoleans, nada, what would you do? How would you start over again?

  2. Why is there no way to set a recovery account on Hive itself? Do you think that will be changing anytime soon for those of us who just found out it was set to "Steem" and are a little leery about using our Owner Key on PeakD in order to change it?

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  1. I would probably develop a game

  2. There is no central authority with Hive as there is no Hiveit Inc like there was on Steem. You are best bet to find someone you trust to be around or use an alt account as your recovery.

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Thanks, I do have alt accounts, but there is no way to set any of them as a recovery account in Hive's settings page.

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You can use to set recovery easily.

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I finally did end up getting it done, 30 days and we'll all be set. Thanks!

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  1. What ever happened to the pancakes? We dont get tobhave them on Hive?
  2. I know you are going full vr on HiveFest but for those of us who are going 2d mode any advices?
  1. I never ported it over. Pancakes was a short term joke and rarely really used outside of that. Popcorn was part of the same bot and I've been meaning to move that over just haven't.

  2. I think 2D is fine if that is all you want/can do. I recommend logging into Alt Space VR, you can find it on Steam (Not STEEM, but Steam from Valve for gaming) and explore. You can join other people's conferences that are happening daily and even do your own. It will allow you to get familiar with it with or without VR.

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Do you think promoting stemgeecks in the coding communities would be a good strategy to grow?

Do you believe promoting stemgeecks in the coding communities would be a good strategy to grow?

I think it is, but code isn't not STEM, teaching coding and talking about how you solve problems is. I don't want STEMGeeks to be a code drop for projects. There is some value to code drops if they are tools developers can use in their projects and well explained.

Yes, I was thinking about teaching.

How is the VR experience so far?

I love it, but the Facebook thing is a real big downer. There are just no other options that offer both a PC and mobile VR experience like the Quest.

It is more immersive than I expected, the graphics are about what I expected.

I didn't think the blurriness would be as big of a problem. You really need to have the headset adjusted perfectly and peripheral vision is blurry.

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What do you think of the rise of Litecoin lately?

I personally don’t follow LTC so I don’t have much to say.

What would it take for you to become interested in LTC?

I guess I'd have to own some :)

I had some for a little bit, but nothing significant.

Do you think we should get rid of the 5 min voting window, and go the way of Leofinance?

I am kind of mixed about this, there are good reasons for both.

The current system on Hive has a lot of value but isn't working as intended as many people only care about curation rewards and not quality or content discovery. We also lack a large userbase where this would be more effective.

What is your favorite new board game of 2019-2020?

I recently got Firefly for my birthday, it looks really fun but I have not played it.

My wife loves Splender as does everyone who comes over (they all end up buying it), I am not a fan. I prefer more complex games with more strategy.

I do like Marvel Dice Master games, I have Avengers and TMNT. The TMNT kit is nice if you want a easy way to get into it without trying to build a collection but there are some things I don't like about it. Like how Futuroid is on the bad guys side and if you put him on the good guys like he belongs it makes the teams unbalanced. There are also two splinters so if you want to control 4 chars on both side it's awkward.

We recently bought Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, this game is really good. It's also cooperative and each game builds on the last game you played, sort of like beating levels.

So, with that in mind, what are your favorite tabletop games in general? Carcassonne? Settlers of Catan? CCGs?

Settlers of Catan is pretty good.
I like Monopoly, but I lose friends when I play.
Munchkins is fun when playing with kids.
Sheriff Of Nottingham is good as well.

I recently picked up Pandemic which I hear is awesome, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.

One of the problems of large market players is liquidity. Hive has liquidity problems, as Steem did. One of the ways to deal with this is Thorchain, Uniswap, among others. For these works, large protocols have been investing in programmers. At the same time, there is an audience that doesn't know anything about programming, and wants to use intuitive applications. Do you believe that Hive can work this middle ground?

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I will ask you something. I have been targeted by buildawhale that seem to be in somehow connected to you. Those targets were no 1 not 2 but 5 downvotes on 5 of my daily posts.
I am have been on Steem first, then Hive since 2016 and I have never cheated. I am also with the Community Leaders group helping out Starkerz and Theycallmedan and even with that even trying in all the way to provide support to the Hive community... I got targeted with Downvotes? FFS this behaviour really discourage everyone... even a positive person like myself.

What are your thoughts on the latest line of nVidia and AMD GPUs?

I have always used Nvidia, I used AMD once and the drivers were an absolute mess. Because I mess around with AI, that kind of limits me to Nvidia because none of the libraries really support AMD and AMD is making no effort in the AI space.

AMD now does ray tracing, but it is still better on NVidia.

AMD came out with SMART ACESS MEMORY and acted like it was unique to them, but it is just a PCI-E 4 that Nvidia will support their own version of with similar performance gains.

While I massively onboard the AMD CPU train, I'm Nvidia through and through.

That being said they both suck, there is no way we should have GPUs for $700-$1,500. Absolutely insane and they are just pushing them up and up.

Dude, are you me? We're basically alike in our CPU and GPU preferences.

What do you think about projects like dbuzz on Hive?
Do you think that people can join this kind of dapps and leave Twitter?

I don't know a lot about dBuzz, generally I don't like that sort of thing because of the reward pool, but they limit the posts to 1 HBD which I think is awesome and makes it totally viable.

The problem is, we are a small platform in terms of users, and to compete with Twitter you need a massive user base. I will always use Twitter, I hate it, but it is a very effective tool and I would be silly to not take advantage of that.

Yes, every day we saw people complaining about the censorship of centralized social media.

Could it be that projects like HIVE will have a fundamental role in this question and because of that, new users will join the decentralized social media projects?

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