Colorful fountain

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Hello guys!

Long time no see, Stock Images community :)

It is time to share some of my photos here with you again. This time I will keep it simple with some fountain photography. I found that fountain very interesting and nice to take some photos. It is one of many located in Las Vegas, Nevada – USA. It stands in front of Wynn resort on the north part of the famous Strip. Sure, I will add some of the Bellagio fountain photos as well. After all, it is the most famous one and the nicest in my opinion as well (sorry Burj Khalifa…)

Hope you will make good use of the photos and don’t forget to credit me. Beneficiary percentage for use would be nice to, but it is not mandatory.

Photos are not of the best quality as they were taken with my smartphone and my hand was not steady any more, if you know what I mean ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!






















These are beautiful fountain shots...even with your smartphone ;)

Love the color variations you captured! Thanks for sharing ~

You are welcome!
I am happy to share my work with other hiveans, I am sure you know that already :)
See you soon with another publications.
Thank you for the support!

Always a pleasure ;)

NICE !! I would like be there to take some photos ! Have you tried long exposure ?

I would like to be there again... to gamble ;)

I didn't try long exposure at that time. I have few night traffic long exposure photos from other occasion in Vegas.

It looks really beautiful, the colors are full of sensation. You find an incredible collection of stock images.

Thank you. I am not the most proud on these set, but I am happy for each positive responce...

I really like your artwork, your photo shoots are done very well and the full clarity of each image in your collection.

Wow what a spectacle! The combination of the colors and water is very interesting. These are amazing photos and I am sure some of our fellow Hivers will be happy to use them in their posts :) Thanks for sharing them with this community.

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Thank you Peter!
I didn't expect such support from you on this post, but you know how to pleasant surprise people here on Hive :)

A bit different selection from animals, landscape or people photography this time. Vegas offers a lot :)

This is brutal! do you use a canon EOS?

I am happy you like them!
No, here I used only my smartphone, Samsung.
Otherwise I am using Sony. Currently A7 iii.

Spectacular fountains of life! Dazzling water features like the ones shown on your photos are always a sight to behold and are one of the best entertainments to watch! Excellent image captures Andy! 😊

I like everything connected with water as you already know I am sure.
Nature is the best, but fountain is also fun to watch. I really liked that one and spent quite some time watching it. Not to mention that I spent a lot of time at Bellagio dancing fountain as well...

Have a great start of the week Erne!

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That is awesome, thank you for the feature!

These are amazing photos the first one looks like a fountain of fire.

I like how different they look. Colors are really nice :)

Truly right about that amazing world 👍 many amazing sparkly colors here they look awesome 😇

I was impressed by the color as well. Small fountain, but very attractive to look at.

really nice pictures...I love them

Thank you!

One question: how can you become a member in Photography Lovers?
And again...I scrolled a little bit in your post...Wow you were almost once around the world...and these sceneries: a dream for every photographer...

You have to post quality posts and community leaders awards you with a badge over the time.
Been to few continents yes. I am blessed I achieved that much so far!