Green Icelandic Landscape

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Good evening!

How are you doing? Long time no see…
I was on 5 days break, at least from posting here on Hive. I was still curating though, but was quite slow on that too. The main reason is all the things happening in my “real life” especially with buying new home.

Well topic today will be green or if you want you can call it also landscape. Thursdays used to be Green Thursdays, right? Do you still remember that from old times? Maybe this is still in play, just that I don’t know for it.
Anyway, I decided to dedicate my today’s post to lovely community of Stock Images. Why not sharing some of my work with other bloggers here on Hive. It has been a while since I made last post in this community and also since my last Iceland’s photography posted here. Hope you missed them as I have plenty ready for today. There is one thing common to all the photos. Green color is leading color on all the photos from this post. So green lovers feel free to check and use following images.
As I have been to Iceland twice, first time during winter period and second time during summer period, I can tell you from experience that difference is quite big!

Hope you will enjoy in my gallery for today and wish you all the best!





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DSC07241 2.JPG

DSC07248 2.JPG

DSC07263 2.JPG

DSC07289 2.JPG

DSC07317 2.JPG

















wow it is so beautiful the natural scenery is still very natural amazing ..... a very cool shot ..

I am glad you like my work.
Have a great day!

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

@EwkaW thank you very much and regards to all @qurator team!

My pleasure :)

Hi @crazy-andy ! I look forward to your every post. Great photos again.

Thank you for your kind words!
Great to see you around my blog...

You’re welcome! ☺️ My pleasure! ☺️

Wow so amazing pictures 😍😍

Awesome to have so many supporters!

Wow! Green is one of my favorite colors! It symbolizes life, health, financial abundance, and the ever-flowing beauty of Mother Nature. It also has a healing effect and is an ideal accent color for new home interiors to spread vitality to its occupants. Many thanks Andy for your amazing green-themed photo collection!

Hey Erne,
I am happy I hit the right theme again :)
Well I like green as well. One reason is for sure nature. Slovenia is really green country, I am sure you would like it...
Other big reason is that my favorite club's color is green. It is local team called Olimpija. Too bad I didn' visit any game for a year now...

Aah, Iceland, I love iceland!


Green and favourite combo 😊

I know we share many photography inspirations...

Thanks for stopping by Barbara!

Oh wow, absolutely beautiful place!!!

One word - Iceland!

Brilliant, Iceland has so many different but interesting landscapes. I like the hills, the cliffs, the vulcano ash, the waterfalls, the green grass with the small creek, the grassland with the rocks, the River, just Wow! Such a big diversity of different landscapes this country has to offer.

I just read that you are buying a new home, cool. I am also moving from one place to another because I need a faster Internet connection for my new job that I start on 1st of February.

I know Iceland theme will be for you :)

So many natural beauties there as you wrote. Going from one place to another, you will never get bored...

Congratulations for your new job! Hope it is move to the better for you! I am in finalizing my purchase right now, so there will be quite a lot of work for me in the following weeks...

Welcome back! Congratulations on buying a new home. I hope it all went smoothly and will continue to go smoothly as you settle in.

I always enjoy your photos. The scenery and angles you capture are breathtaking. Seeing all of this green land makes me appreciate nature more and more.

I’ve seen many photographs of beautiful places and sometimes the quality of photographs makes it hard to really see the beauty. That’s one thing I appreciate about your work is that you allow us to behold the beauty of the places you visit by the quality of your photos ;)

Thanks for sharing with us this week ~

At first let me apologize for slightly late reply. I am still in a busy period, but nice period...

Thank you very much for such a positive words!
I also enjoy your photography posts, you are doing an amazing job lately...

I will do my best to stop by again and offer my photos to others for their use.

I appreciate your support and wish you great week ahead!

It's okay no apologies needed. I am one who definitely understands about being busy ;)

You are very welcome! Thank you so much that means a lot that you like my work as well :)

You have a wonderful weekend ahead too ~

Scenes well captured, I enjoyed your photos, thanks for sharing them :)
One day I will post more of my captures from my photo-trip there, I fell in love with Iceland...
Stay safe and post more :) :P