Stock Images Focal Point - A Collection of Hive Stock Image Highlights #49

Authored by @pavanjr


The purpose of the Stock Images community is to bring the option for using stock images into the Hive community, where we can easily reward and support the creators of these images. Instead of using outside sources you can tag, credit and reward your fellow Hivians for their talented work of art right here on the blockchain.


It is my pleasure to present to you the following highlighted Hive Stock Image posts. They were submitted via the Stock Images Community or by using the #hivestockimages tag:

Hive Stock Images - Giant Fruit Bats



Our friend shares with us these pictures of bats. Impressive images of bats. This work is a sample of the quality of content that has demonstrated this author, high resolution images and a good introduction to create this great post.

Passing through downtown (Downtown Cumaná, Venezuela)



The streets of this city are very beautiful and have a colonial aspect. In this case its two of the best squares where the inhabitants take their days of strolls. This new HIVE author, in his third post, does not share images of these wonderful squares and streets.

Tree fungus



I have always said that mushrooms are perfect to capture it with the camera and take these beautiful images. This author shares with us a series of photographs of mushrooms stuck on tree trunks and roots. A comfortable and quality work.

A View You Don't Get in the City



The countryside, the flowers, the rural village streets, are what stands out in this photographic series that our friend @oviyandi shares with us. Images of good quality, that delights the eyes and transmits a lot of peace. Take a look!


We hope you find these highlights useful in helping you find stock images for your upcoming posts. Please make sure to read the specific terms of use for each creator that can be found directly in their posts. Let’s support our Hive artists and photographers :)

Do you want to start contributing to the Hive Stock Index? Please first read About Stock Images and Important Information.

Are you looking for specific stock images to use? Please view the Stock Images Main index where you can search by genre. This will be updated periodically as more images are added. If you use any Hive Stock Images in your post, don't forget to credit the owner and use the tag #freeimageshare, so we can find it and thank you for your support of our image contributors.

We also have a discord server for feedback, questions and suggestions.

Many thanks to @sitaru for the Hive bee image we use, @doze for the footer and also @thepeakstudio for the divider. They each will receive beneficiaries along with the authors highlighted in this post.

Curation today was brought to you by @pavanjr.