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The Stock Images main index has moved. You can find the up to date one here:

Index of stock images by genre.

This will be updated periodically as more images are added. Please comment if you think there could be improvements to the way it's set up, or if you spot any broken links.


Hive themed logos/dividers/banners






Buildings and architecture

Computer and technology








Insects and invertebrates




Meditation and mindfulness










Urban environments


Men at work, by @steemflow

Beneficiaries will go to @riverflows for the header, @cryptosharon for the divider and the Stock Images hive account to support this project.


Doing it this way is fine while things are slow growing but as it gets bigger/it could have a growth explosion it's going to get real unwieldy real fast :)

Short term I'd suggest an external page you'll be able to edit forever (unless you can keep editing nodes now as from memory there was a point where you couldn't edit anymore), long term you might have to think about your own front end to make searching/indexing easier :D

One of the hardforks made it forever editable, thankfully.

If it explodes I'm probably done for! 🤣 I figure I can expand the indexing system so that the main page will link to more specific pages and it won't matter if they aren't pinned. I'm hoping to just keep those three posts pinned.

I have no idea about front-ends, unfortunately, so unless someone can help me out there, it's not going to happen.

I'm also expecting (hoping?) that it will probably be busy to start with, then the novelty will wear off and it will slow down. 😁

Nah, you want it big, searchable and awesome. Let's keep asking around to see if anyone can do a page or front end. I could probably do one if assisted...

Are you trying to make more work for me @riverflows? 😒

I was literally thinking about how easy it would be to put all these on a page as images

I am actually finding it easy to pull up the index, click 'control F' and search for 'birds' or 'nature' or what I want.

That's fantastic, @riverflows!

Now where's 'control F' on my tablet? 🤔 😆

@aggroed was talking few days ago about stock images site that will work something like @nftshowroom, maybe you could get in touch and talk about ideas. maybe.

Sounds like a good idea. I'll do that

Good idea ... let us know what he says.

I still think you should copy and paste and repin. Silly not to repost to get community rewards. X

This was what he said:


Copy, paste and repin? The pinned posts you mean?

I do have some plans for curation would the community account which will build it.

Can I send the collages I have made?

i.e. can i take a free google image, transform it into a header, separator, icon and upload it?

Or should they be my own photos?


I love the photo of the cemetery, I'll use it in my horror fiction writing.

Sure. Just try and make sure you're working with royalty free images and let us know in your post that this is what you've done. To be on the safe side, perhaps source where your images originally came from. Because you're potentially making an income on it, you just need to be cautious of copyright laws.

I'm rather fond of the cemetery one too. It's often hard to find image's for fiction writing.

It is good to see others sharing photos here, too, as I have been doing. At the beginning of July 2019, I started marking my photos with a Creative Commons licensing ("CC BY-SA 4.0") so others could use them as well. If you are interested, the original post with my explanation is here: July 2019 announcement with a follow-up: April 2020 reminder post. Most of my photos have a "creative" edit done to them prior to posting, so they're quite different than what your group is offering. Plus, I am allowing use in other places besides the Hive blockchain. I am maintaining a repository of all of my Creative Commons photos in @theterminal's Discord server, and I will make an announcement there about your project. "KUDOS!" for what you are doing with your community (which I found through one of @melinda010100's posts)! 💜

Glad you stopped in and shared this info here @thekittygirl ❤️

If it does nothing other than to serve as a bringing together of creators like yourself who were already doing this, then I see this community as a job well done! I had been looking around to see if this was being done, but struggling to find anyone doing it, but since starting the community I've been finding people and that's fantastic.

The community is offering a place for all creators to share their creative commons images, however they create them. A meeting place, of sorts, where creators and authors can connect. So there are no restrictions or rules on what's offered as long as it's your own work.

Off to look at your project. 😊

...since starting the community I've been finding people...

So, there are others doing this, too...?

Axeman has done something similar and I think someone else mentioned they had, but it was less formal. Axeman has some images for this purpose on a flickr account. This post of his links it.

Oh, cool...! I follow him, but this post was buried in my Feed that day and I missed it. Gorgeous shots in there, too! 😍 Thanks for the link! 😃

So easy to miss posts in your feed.

This is a very useful index! Re-hived

Great ..

How I contribute to this group and any specification like Image size, Logo, description, etc.

Just post in the community anything you are happy for others to use. No specifics from us, this is more to provide a meeting place for those who want images and those who can provide images, so it's up to each individual as to whether they feel your work is good enough to use. I recommend keeping your standards good if you want people to use it, because your username will develop a reputation. I also reserve the right not to add posts to the index that I feel are very low standard.

Thank you.