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When the sun goes down, the view of the sky is very beautiful. Gives a strong attraction for me, from the point of shooting the image to the evening view on the tower mast.

See the beautiful tower in the lofty landscape. I took the time to capture the momentum on this one shot.

I mention @crosheille as the original image creator, and all of the above images are private @tinta-tertuang from shooting beautiful images on skyscrapers.

Focus on nature objects, beautiful.!!!

All of my photos are taken with a smartphone camera.!

Auto ISO camera resolution..!


And to think that I used to work on some of those towers. We used to climb right through the clouds on some days and at the top, the clouds looked like an ocean below us.

Some beautiful edits here my friend!

I am very afraid of heights, therefore I do not like climbing hehehe, you are amazing, you are not afraid of heights. Thanks @papilloncharity ;)

Thank you and the thing is that I have claustrophobia meaning that I cannot go underground, or in closed spaces. So I do like the birds and go up in the sky hahaha.

Blessings and have a glass of !WINE

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"I mention @crosheille as the original image creator"

I don't understand. Are these images yours or crosheille's?

@crosheille I mean, you are a creator of stock images that users are interested in, and can serve as examples for any posts from other users. 😉

I really appreciate that @tinta-tertuang but the way you worded it sounds like I am the creator of the image you posted above.

I definitely don’t want it to be mistaken and take credit for your work.