Having a fun day at the beach part 3

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Hello, today I would like to show you some photos of a fun day at the beach! :D

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What do you think? Here are some more beach photos!


This is another drawing I drew in the sand of a bunny holding a heart.

We also like to take photos of things from different angles, hehe.


At the beach, I like to draw in the sand, this is a drawing of a fish blowing bubbles. :)


There was this quad driving by in circles, when he/she drove away, he/she left marks in the sand from the tires, so I drew a face with it, the track made it as hair. :)


What do you think of the photos? I hope you enjoyed them! :)

Sorry everyone, about the photos, when I came to the beach, of course I could not bring my tablet, I do not have a phone, so my mama took the photos, my mama is not really the best photographer. When I showed you the photo of the fish, I had to crop it that thin like that on gimp because my mama's finger was in the way.


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I'm sure you had a lot of fun doing art.
I love the beach and tomorrow I'm going to and fish and the same time.
Great Kidz Post.

Thank you. It was very fun! 😁😊

Although the fish picture is a bit smaller, it is still nice.