Something to do when you are bored part 3

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Hello, today I would like to show you something to do when you are bored. Please check out my 2 posts of "Something to do when you are bored" part 1 and part 2. Here are 2 links to those posts:

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Do you like those ideas? Here is another one!


The other day, when I went to the beach with my family, my mama brought sandwiches wrapped up in foil, My sister asked her if we could keep that foil, she said yes.

The foil was big, so we used it as a pretend computer, I drew the keyboard, the screen and all the stuff on the computer. It was fun to draw everything on the computer! Now my sister and I play with the pretend computer all the time. Sometimes we pretend we are talking to our boss on the computer haha.

Making and playing with this was fun. Parents can make this with their kids too! :)


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