The Challenge Enters Week #2 & CTPM Burns Schedule

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#3StepsNoExcuses !!!

What an event it's been so far!

If you have been paying attention, the CTP Swarm has been busy knocking it out of the park when it comes to the #3StepsNoExcuses challenge!

Huge shout out to everyone that's been taking part and welcome to all the new participants joining every day.

Here are the PDF's if you are new to the challenge and want to jump in now.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 23

The rules are simple....

Show up, and do 3 simple things each and every day for 30 days!

If you do that, and actually take action...We guarantee that you will see some massive improvements in anything you are trying to build online!

Make sure to use the tag #3StepsNoExcuses in your content here on the blockchain or on traditional social media, for some cool random rewards!!


CTPM Burn Schedule

So here's the situation:

Hive-Engine-Smart-Contracts-on-the-Hive-blockchain (3).png

We've got over 169,000 CTPM that has been minted.

And it's time to plan for some burns :)

Our schedule will be as follows:

Over the next 12 months, we will burn 100,000 CTPM, 25,000 every 3 months starting today...

Hive-Engine-Smart-Contracts-on-the-Hive-blockchain (3).png
(Tokens burned during the creation of this post!)

And during the next 12 months, once the market stabilizes, we will be putting a certain amount of CTPM up for sale at 1.25 Hive per miner.

After that sells out, like we announced in our last update, the price will rise to 1.5 Hive per miner and then we will take the miner off the market.

If there are remaining CTPM after the 1.5 Hive sale, we will burn those as well.

The idea is to place scarcity on this token and then let the market decide going forward what they will be sold and purchased for.

=> Stock up now :)

Vote CTP For Hive-Engine Witness!!!


Thank you!!!

Our heart felt thanks goes out to every single CTP Swarm member that has voted for our witness.

We were blown away to be in the top 10, humbled to be in the top 5 and now beside ourselves at #4!!!

We hope we represent a new breed of witness on the blockchain...One that communicates and is very open with their community.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us :)


Our Token:

Our Miner:

Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:


O wow no 4 position congratulations...
Let's put efforts for further up...

That's a good challenge right there, rule of 3 is not too difficult to get your head around and is achievable - may have to get some miners going as well before they go for good :D

Yeah man, it's been great so far. People are really starting to build some great habits!

That's it mate! Think it takes 21 days to develop a habit right? Got to get the good ones ingrained and kick the bad ones out!

So, the way I understand it, burning the tokens raises the value of the ones that are staked. I better go and buy some more for sure. Love being able to earn passive income.

Yup, supply and demand, plus means more rewards for current holders of the miner.

Good Morning, @clicktrackprofit! Awesome, Thank you! I just bought and staked some more CTPM this morning! Enjoy your day! 😀

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congrats you guys rock and keep on following the right track! i am really happy for you and keep up with this. I really hope and expect all these things that i read on your roadmap to come to "life"

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Absolutely! That's our goal...As busy as it might end up being this year LOL

congrats on moving up the hive-engine witness ladder.

That's a big step burning CTPM, thank you. This should help to stabilise the price.

We can hope LOL

Markets are irrational.

It's a good strategy to burn CTPM. The less miners on the market, the more probabilities for the people who own them to get payouts from them.

Yessir. That's the plan! We hope it works :)

I hope I can reach my miners goal before then gone.

And the challenge has been totally awesome! Everyone should take a shot at it. It teaches the noob to devvelop great habits and give them direction. And to help the experienced to increase there skills. Best challenge of it's nature around.

Yeah they got swooped up (the big discount) right away...But still well under the 1.25 list price :)

Do you have plans for burning CTP in near future? That might pump the price right?

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We burn CTP all the time, this account and the @jongolson account as well.

Once the new front end is in place, the ad network we will use, all profits will turn into purchased CTP and then sent to null.

OKay yeah that's what I wanted to know . I will pile up some CTP before the ad network kicks in . Have you already planned which ad network to sign up for ?

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That is really awesome. If I didn't take the weekends off from the blockchain I might do the 30 day thing. I just can't commit to 30 days straight at this point. I think this is a great initiative for people who are just getting started and trying to learn the ropes. The news about the token burn and the miners is awesome. I am going to have to try and keep some liquid Hive aside for that!

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Yeah man, I mean we did design this thing to take minimal time each day, but it is a commitment for sure. Worst part is people start the challenge and then give it up only a few days into it...Kills their progress :(

That sucks. About the people quitting thing. I knew I couldn't commit to it so I didn't even start! I know there are a ton of active people on her though, so hopefully it will fill in.

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THANKS for the e-mail
i thought have missed out this time again