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RE: - Big News & Development!

in The CTP Swarm4 months ago

This is the first time I read about HivePay! This sounds pretty cool if I may say so!
Am not sure what WooCommerce is, but I suppose its some kind of module to Wordpress offering integrations with different payment systems. Some of the payment providers that would be totally awesome to onboard HIVE payment integration, are Adyen, Mollie and Stripe. But I suppose they will say no at this point in time. Either to small, to crypto, to whatever.

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Yeah we initially built which tied in some base currency (our own CTP Token) and allowed for Stripe integration too. Hivepay is a more focused effort on hive based tokens.

One day, it'll all work together LOL I'm crossing fingers.

That ONE day, let it come soon! hahahaha
But realistically, crypto is not ready for mainstream, and the mass is not ready to embrace crypto. Until then, Stripe, Adyen and those, will not play ball. Maybe their innovation department, but that'll not for serious. Cool though if HIVE would be part of their research and innovations though :)