- Big News & Development!

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It's been a little over a week since we announced the launch of!

And what an awesome response so far :)

We're seeing lots of excitement in the community and around the blockchain for this gateway processor and wanted to keep you up to date with what we've been working on:

WooCommerce Plug In Is Live

We have submitted the plug into to WordPress to have it added A.S.A.P. but the plug in is live and working like a charm right now :)

You can access it by joining our Discord and clicking 'WooCommerce' channel for the ZIP file.

As soon as WordPress adds it to the plug ins, we'll link to the download page!

Form Builder Is Live


Build your Hive Pay forms with ease as we've finished up the form builder inside of the Developers page on

You can customize everything you need to easily integrate into your website and online business!

You can see it live in action on @achim03.ctp 's eBook sales page here and this is how it looks when you click the purchase button...


Oh and does it work....?

Flawless transaction!


Give it a try!

You can customize the HivePay checkout experience as you wish...Speaking of which...

Buttons! We've Got Buttons!

We wanted you to be able to customize the experience for your customers as much as possible, so we designed dozens of buttons to go onto your checkout page...


Ease Of Use Is The Focus

We hit a hiccup with Shopify as they announced they would not be adding new features to their gateway until 2021. We're ready to rock as soon as they give the green light tho!

We're looking into other popular gateways and seeing how we can integrate HivePay into them...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

But again...Ease of us is the key!

We want to be a super simple gateway to work with so every single request that has ben asked of us in our Discord, we've completed (or in the process of doing so)!

This is so important to us, to have the community decide where this project goes...So if you have a suggestion, let us know :)

HiveList Added!

Big shout out to @thelogicaldude for integrating HivePay into HiveList!

We're just getting things fired up, but expect some big integration and news to follow!

New Design Will Be Up ASAP

Seems odd to be talking about a re-design only 10 days into the launch of this project...But that landing page / front page that we had up was just a place holder LOL

Our design will be up this week and we wanted to make sure the front page of represented the opportunity and excitement of the Hive blockchain.

We think you'll really enjoy the 'new' look :)



Screw PayPal, time for HivePay to take over and dominate the online payment world. 😁😁😁

Seriously, this is a great step. There is so much potential in a simple payment system. Refresh my memory, I believe H-E tokens can be used for payment also in addition to HIVE?

This tool adds a lot of value to the entire ecosystem. Now people can spend their tokens as needed. It is a step that is vital if we are to attract those from the nations suffering financially. They can get active, earn tokens, and use it for goods and services they need.

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Yessir, all Hive-Engine tokens that have volume, SWAP tokens too.

Accept LEO anywhere, DEC, SIM, CTP, NEOXIAN....You name it :)

That adds incredible value to the ecosystem. It is good to see a thread starting to tie it all together.

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I can't follow all the stuff going on on hive.

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You take half @oldtimer and I will take half and we will see if we can both cover it.

Probably not, might take 4 people.

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Unfortunately English is not my first language so someone else will need to cover my part.
I can help with voting, though.

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That is okay, most in the states who have English as their first language obliterate it.

Voting is very good. You were always one to spread the wealth via that vehicle.

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So much stuff LOL Exciting though, good to see everyone fired up for what is being built!

That's why I am mostly focussing on my few favorite projects like LEO, Splinterlands, dCity and mostly ignore the rest. If big stuff happens, we will likely read about it on LEOfinance anyways.

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The woocomerce plugin is really great. It took me no more than 5 minutes to add it to my woocomerce site and to make the first trial purchase.

Bam! Love to hear it man!

Thanks for integrating it into your site :)

Such an amazing project! Wordpress is the most used content manager in the world and a plugin for HIVE payments (Hive-Engine tokens as well?) will open up great new opportunities. Right now the community is still small, but I don't doubt that we will look very different in a year, when Bitcoin is shaking the world. A plugin like yours will be in high demand, when HIVE follows BTC to ATHs.

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Appreciate that man, thanks for the comments. Yessir, all Hive-Engine tokens with volume can be added :) Completely customizable to what the merchant wishes to accept.

I am excited to get the woocommerce plugin integrated first into the digital store. But the biggest part about it is going to announced soon once I figure out a few more details on my end!

Awesome man!

Looking forward to it :)

Can this also be used in Venezuela?

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What a great joy. There are some limitations in my country.

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It is up to the web site owners whether to integrate it or not.

As long as a web site has it and you can visit the site from your country, the feature can be used.

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Great success and nice to see such tools coming into the space. Expanding Hive outside into the world and use it as payment tender for acquiring goods and services makes it more desirable to investors and enable commerce activities within this ecosystem or outside. Congrats and keep on going!

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Thanks so much. Yeah it's been a crazy few years, but I think people are really starting to build great things here.

It takes a little while to get the foundation in place but it appears we are there. Now we are seeing the tools developed which allow for reach much further out.

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This is the first time I read about HivePay! This sounds pretty cool if I may say so!
Am not sure what WooCommerce is, but I suppose its some kind of module to Wordpress offering integrations with different payment systems. Some of the payment providers that would be totally awesome to onboard HIVE payment integration, are Adyen, Mollie and Stripe. But I suppose they will say no at this point in time. Either to small, to crypto, to whatever.

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Yeah we initially built which tied in some base currency (our own CTP Token) and allowed for Stripe integration too. Hivepay is a more focused effort on hive based tokens.

One day, it'll all work together LOL I'm crossing fingers.

That ONE day, let it come soon! hahahaha
But realistically, crypto is not ready for mainstream, and the mass is not ready to embrace crypto. Until then, Stripe, Adyen and those, will not play ball. Maybe their innovation department, but that'll not for serious. Cool though if HIVE would be part of their research and innovations though :)

Ah, you have been busy and living the dream haha! I'm going to have to look in to adding the Hive Pay plugin to my WordPress site once GoDaddy sort their DNS shit out! Is this a replacement of the WooCommerce plugin that roomservice created?

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Nah, not at all. This just opens up the Hive Engine eco system to merchants as well.

LOL Trying to stay busy lol

Nice one! I'll check it out once you have the official WooCommerce Link and give it a whirl on my site!

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This is really cool. I guess you could use this for donations as well?
Like a streamer for instance. I bet many Hive-streamers, including myself, would love to use such a button.

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Good idea, the request has come up a few times...We'll see what we can swing :)

Cool project, hope more people will accept hive as payment. Hive will be true currency.

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Absolutely, real good crypto for actually spending it.

Now I have to come up with something to sell on my blog!

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ha ha ha ha Yeah, that's the next step for sure :)

You have done so much for the HIVE ecosystem with this. As someone with a small stake of 8.4K HIVE, I would like to say:

If you have any proposals for the future, you have my full support!

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8.4k Hive is not small at all :) That's awesome!

Hopefully, this will help increase that stake holding a lot :)

small stake of 8.4K
I think you might misread something.

Anyways Jon's real strength is in building community and keep steering it towards goal.

Great to see the progress and I hope many will use it. I'm also supporting the donation option.

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Yup, just spoke to @blainjones and we'll get that donation added.

Thank you!

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Great to see that things are developing and going in the right direction!

Day by day, new integrations will be adding up!

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Hope so, all the tools are ready to rock :)

yes its going to very popular in Future
will you explain more about it in other Way

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Everything will be on with full documentation.

thank you

A good news & will test this asap.


Awesome to hear, let us know what you think or if you come across any issues :)

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How cool is this!

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Thanks :) We think so too ;)


Great stuff as usual, @jongolson Jon and @blainjones Blain with #ctp #ctpsb #hive and now #hivepay

Things are just getting better and better! 😁

Slow and steady :)

That's the ticket! ;)

HivePay can change a lot of things and take the uses of HIVE, HBD, and Hive Engine based token to the next level. Keep up the great work!

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Big shout out to @thelogicaldude for integrating HivePay into HiveList

Whatever I think, Jon get added it next. I am really looking forward between partnership between CTP,LIST and WEED.

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Project Activity Update

Checkout works like a charm. Great! I'd love to see an example with a mixed checkout: Fiat + Crypto. Have I seen it right, that this is a Crypto only example? Sure, Hive pay is not going to do this alone, however, I thought this is going to be the clue: to have an alternative, not to be dependent on it, right? @tipu curate !invest_vote

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