#MyHiveGoals - Thanks Again Uniswap!!!!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

What a week that was....

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I got a nice little surprise from the good folks at Uniswap!

And because of that...I got to add 3000 Hive Power to my little journey...

Let's dive into things and see how the past 7 days were on the blockchain!

100,000 Hive Power


How's that for a boost?

As you can see, Uniswap was the gift that kept on giving.

I only sold about a quarter of the UNI tokens I got, but it was still a big boost to my Hive Power.

100,000 - 77,530.839 = 22,469.17 left to go!

Oh baby, this is getting exciting :)

25 Rewards Per Post

I guess I can't complain...

My rewards per post went up...

From 19.537 to a whopping....19.58

Still it's a boost, you won't see me frown :)


Total curation and total rewards went down though...I'll never figure this stuff out LOL

10 Dolphins In The CTP Tribe

This...Is perhaps the biggest win of the week!

We're still at 9 dolphins, but did you see what happened @ctpsb ?


We had a huge purchase from @aslehansen as well as loads of CTP Tribe members step up with purchases of their own!

Right now, this little project has almost 20,000 Hive Power in it!

Absolutely remarkable!

Hey we aren't the biggest and most talked about community on HIVE....But we are a family!

And we will support each other until the end of this crazy stuff...I guarantee that :)

Wow...What a week!

Note: This post will send 25% of the author rewards to @ctpsb to help it grow and support the community!


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!




That's a massive bump, and everything else also starts to snowball all at the same time lol, keep up your good work.

Good to see an active community playing well indeed!
All are crushing it :)
Hopefully, you hit your target of Hive Power pretty soon!

Top to bottom for sure...No one is being left behind!!!

Man you got a real unicorn boost this week :-). The @ctpsb account has 4900 HP, so it's almost another dolphin in the swarm ;-)

ha ha ha ha Yeah man, the unicorns we REAL this week!

It looks that every week something "appears" and you get an extra HIVE that you didn't expect... :)

Who said that it isn't easy? Just sit on the sofa and crypto is coming! :) :)

Hehehe... Whale rank, Jon is coming!

it's been like 3 weeks in a row now...Nice surprises every week :)

Man, 500k is a long ways away...But who knows what will happen!

Hey, are you all set to host hivechat on Tuesday? do you need the questions made into graphic cards? please let me know.

Nope, I'm good to go...I'm a Canva Artist LOL :)

yeah and you are good!

Hey we aren't the biggest and most talked about community on HIVE....But we are a family!

We are building firmly with strong foundation where everyone is welcome. I guess we are getting noticed too. We are missing a little hype and I think it will be going to come soon.

I love building like this...Sure hype is fun, and exciting...But when it's slow and steady, the right people jump on first and build this thing properly :)

Congrats Jon sounds like your winning bro keep it up may you have much more success @jongolson

Thank you sir...Showing up is a great plan for winning :)

After hunt tokens uni has helped you to add significant number of Hive tokens. Great update.

Thanks man, yeah I got really lucky!

Fantastic goals we are in the same way to get the 10k HP, well we need to continued in this way to be a whale.

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Oh trust me...It happens very quickly when things start to snowball. I had no idea in the world I'd hit 5k when I joined lol

Its outstanding to see so many people crushing it in this great community

Your climb on HIVE has also been oustanding

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Remarkable man. In so many ways. Some go way under the radar too. We'll do better at highlighting everyone!

I'd love to be a part of this community