#MyHiveGoals - The Epic Adventures of Jongo!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

I struggled today...

Deciding if I should write about all the amazing things happening at HivePay.io or stay the course with #MyHiveGoals

I decided to write this post first and then worst case scenario, overnight, write the update for HivePay...Because WOW, do we have news for you :)

But let's get through the SMALL STEPS first and that' continuing on the journey of 'Jongo' on the blockchain....We'll dive into the numbers and see how things went over the past 7 days...

100,000 Hive Power

This is getting to be too good to be true...


I know this entire journey for me has been 'dollar cost averaging' and staying on budget...But as I near 10,000 Hive Power to go, I'm itching LOL

100,000 - 87,451.899 = 12,548.11 left to go....

Almost 12k left to go...This is crazy!

I might start shooting for some Leo goals as well, I'm at 9150 Leo and hitting 10k in Leo would be a nice bonus this year too...

However, staying the course...Let's get to 100k!!!

25 Rewards Per Post

It's back!!

Oh man, you don't know how excited I was to hear and see HiveStats being back online!


This is mind blowing...And I'm rubbing my eyes with delight LOL

According to this, I'm at 61.5 HIVE author rewards....Per post!

Now this was helped by the fact our first HivePay post got MASSIVE support, but still...Let's cool our heels and see what the numbers are like next week....Before I celebrate too much lol

10 Dolphins IN The CTP Tribe

We're crushing it!

We added a new Orca last week, and continue to see big grow from members inside of the tribe.

Remember, we've surpassed this goal so we're shooting for 15-20 Dolphins by the end of the year...

And with @ctpsb supporting everyone in the tribe, things are looking great so far!

What a community, I'm so honored to be involved with you guys!

Stay tuned for the HivePay.io update...Coming later tonight or early tomorrow.

So many cool things to announce!

Note: 10% of all author rewards of this post will be sent to @ctpsb


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!

Our Community On Hive

I see you're doing great on LEO too. I only have 850 LP but it's all organic and proud of myself. Good luck in accomplishing your goals.

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Yeah I bought a bunch of LEO when it launched, but since then, been organic too...Kinda slapping myself for not diving in more LOL

Kinda slapping myself for not diving in more LOL

A lot of people saying that.

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Yeah man, I was really stuck that it was the 'investing' side of things and didn't think I could contribute that much...Being a horrible investor LOL

But I did buy in, and been happy with the organic growth. Gonna set some new goals for LEO tokens coming up soon.

Being a horrible investor LOL

There are lots of lessons in that for people. We can learn more from failures than we can do from successes.

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Same here... I had so many people telling me to post on leofinance and haven't followed their advice...
I've done this mistake so many times in this life time.

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Yeah, without Leo and Khal's help, our tribe and token (CTP) wouldn't have been started. he helped us big time get set up!

Great man, Khal.

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Nothing but absolutely amazing stuff going on everywhere. WOW.

Tip of the ice berg of what's coming!

Looking forward to your update as always.

I love seeing the progress on hive.

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Appreciate that man, thanks so much for the support!

We have a proverb that says it is possible for someone to tell him what he can understand and understand is better than the one you quoted, so I have republished your article for the purpose of generalizing the benefit

Very much appreciated!

Thank you :)

Believe me, it is not a compliment, but I learned great things from you. The biggest thing I learned from you is your enthusiasm and your belief in your project.

Thanks man, yeah I mean...You have to believe in what you are doing :) Enthusiasm is contagious!

You will hit 10K LEO soon than 100K Hive power but it will be still interesting race.

Soon :) Very very soon!

It's nice to have hivestats back! The hivepay post gave a nice boast :-)

Yessir. More good news on the HivePay side of things too...Bought your ebook on your site with HivePay today....Flawless transaction!

Thanks a lot for the purchase :-). Looking forward to reading your hivepay update poste !

Striving to attain certain levels is a wonderful thing to do. At this point, I just put my head down and keep plugging along.

I do look up enough to notice some updates that are taking place, like the one with Hivepay. Looking forward to that article too.

I hope we wont have to wait too long. It is a project that is causing a great deal of excitement since it is a tool that is able to be used across Hive.

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The big thing for us know if getting people to integrate it, and continue to develop it for ease of use across the board.

Already got the WooCommerce plug in ready to go, form builder created and new plugins being worked on now.

Big post coming soon :)

This is going to be a huge tool for the community of developers. It opens up the doors to a lot more possibilities.

We just need about 10 projects doing the same thing at one time. LOL

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