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This crypto stuff is exciting huh?

Bitcoin mooning right now, passing 17k.

All the development in the DeFi space.

@leofinance absolutely CRUSHING IT daily!

What a time to be alive....!

This all leads to the opportunities presented in this space...And as an entrepreneur, I'm like..On cloud 9...Daily!

A really good friend of mine @kevinli and I were just talking about the potential and power of all the layer 2 applications and projects being built here on Hive.

You see, Kevin is one of the top dogs on @dcitygame And he's thoroughly enjoying his little adventure in it!

He decided, to focus his energy into projects like Dcity and he's reaping the benefits from it.

This is where Hive is headed...I truly believe it.

It all comes from amazing communities, actual use cases and the amazing project that is Hive-Engine!

This is why we built!

We wanted the world to be able to tap into what we have here on Hive and that to me is a HUGE win for everyone involved on the blockchain.

You've heard me blab over the past 2 weeks about how the Hive and the Hive Engine eco-system are perfect for e-commerce and for payments, nothing comes close...But then you start thinking...

Layer 2, the games, the potential!

LEO, Dcity, Splinterlands, 3speak and heck even our little engine that could - CTP

All of these projects have potential because they all have the criteria needed....Awesome communities and ACTUAL use case!

Again...This is why we believe HivePay is needed!

And that's what we'll be focusing on over the next few months to continue to bring awareness to it and all the projects using it...From @hivelist to and so many more coming, this is an exciting time to be involved in this space and stock up on these tokens :)

Just a little bit of HivePay house keeping as well before I forget...

We'll start posting the HivePay content and official announcements on @hivepay-io

So be sure to give us a follow there :)

New design was delivered to us tonight, so in the next day or two, expect a shiny new paint job on the site :)

I hate being 'that guy'...But this is THE time to get VERY excited about what is being built here on Hive and Hive-Engine!

With the Bitcoin mooning and everyone thinking...Crypto...I expect a lot more eye balls coming to this blockchain very soon....


Let's grow together!!!

Come say hi and meet with the most dedicated and fired up entrepreneurs on the blockchain ...

The CTP Swarm

We're big on community!

And we'd love to have you join the CTP Swarm!

Our Community On Hive




Endless opportunities! Can't wait for this to be ready and explore all the possibilities. I love the idea and I'm sure it will be very helpful for HIVE and all the tribes.

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Oh she's ready to rock now :)

Just got added to tonight and HiveList is getting it up and running too.

WooCommerce plug in is available in our Discord...And 'officially' on Wordpress very soon! :)

Nice! Now I need to hurry and build a website so I can start accepting Hive and HE tokens!

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ha ha ha yeah we've been so busy creating this thing, we still haven't even stuck it on our sites LOL

I just wanted to say that I'm not giving you up even though I feel like I should because it's like I'm too much of people don't forgive me anyway I don't know I'm talking about you are great and I'm really interested in the hive pay

Nice Jon. Hivewhat is very cool site and this listing will help Hivewhat, Hivepay and CTP and overall Hive.

Yeah Blain and I talk about this all the time...Slowly, more applications and businesses will adapt and integrate HivePay...And once more people see it, the adoption will be there...Just going to take some time and you know us...We're here for the long run LOL

Haha. me too for long run in CTP.
I guess my time for road to 25K CTP is going to start soon.

Hopefully the price of Hive will join the BTC party. I know it has been pretty quite here while the process are low.

I love what guys like @theycallmedan and @taskmaster4450 always say...Watch the development :)

Price is cool and all, but what is being developed here is AWESOME! So many cool projects...Such a passionate community :)

Same I stay for the people and potential.

Much love, Jongo!

the only thing left is an increase on the price of Hive!

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Haha, I like you bragging from time to time! True, great time to be alive! Sometimes I wonder why so many live under their rock, yet many others don't. Right on!! @tipu curate !invest_vote !BEER

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It's amazing that a "little button" can open so many doors and even windows if you want lol
Can't wait to see someone using it on my program!
Exciting times!!

Great job Jon, HivePay is a game changer, so much more use case and more opportunity, keep up the great work.