Thursday Night Live - Talking Nodes!!!

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This has arguably been one of the most amazing weeks in the history of the CTP community and token!

Today we launched our witness node for Hive-Engine!

Vote for 'clicktrackprofit' here:


We are so excited to be bringing decentralization to Hive Engine and all the amazing projects on it!

We hope you enjoy the show tonight and send us a vote ;)



Note: If the video doesn't load you can watch it by clicking here :)


Thanks a lot for the shout out! I saw the first SIM coming in from INDEX. It's quite impressive :-).

I wanted to invest a bit more in workerbees to get some BEES and I've double checked workerbees settings. They pay only 10 miners per hour. To earn some BEES, you need to own quite a truckload I believe. I have a question that might need some thinking... When you are among the top 12, you would get some bees I believe as block rewards. Might it be an idea to share a part of this reward with people voting for you? Just an idea... Maybe this could be an incentive to make people buy workerbee, stake them, vote for you and help you to get into the top slots.

Yeah I'm still trying to learn everything about workerbee as I can. It's very odd the way they laid it out for being the governance of hive engine.

I mean I understand why....But would have been nice to get a lot more awareness for the need of them to vote. We have generated a lot of votes for witness, yet most have zero workerbee, there is no real post explaining them, at least I can't find one.

Thanks for the mention and your support Jon!

I have bought over 1K WORKERBEEs, so I suppose it helped both of us... It's nice to see both witness nodes going up together... Next stop, rollie... :P

Eventually, maybe @blainjones will support some nodes that are UNDER clicktrackprofit... lol...

btw... Having your own node should help a ton with faster loading of CTPTalk, especially when the new frontend comes out...



Yeah him and I have been buying up workerbee today....Because if Hive has taught us anything, expecting support from the powers that

Just kidding...But we'll rely on our awesome community :)

You are not far from the truth... I liked what you said in the webinar... We can't rely on others (like you said, powers of BEE...), so, we will build up our stake and move upwards on that list...
Doing nothing will not lead us anywhere...

That's the thinking for sure...Cry all we want about not being on the big boy's radar...Or built it ourselves!

Do workerbees that I delegated count toward voting? I think not as I don't have control of it even if I on?

Pretty sure you need to be in control of them to have the votes count. I think lol

They need to fix this and this will be fixed soon.

I voted but I don't have any WORKERBEE so I guess it doesn't really count. I guess it is the thought that matters.

I like the way your promoting HIVE payments. Give someone lifetime membership and at the same time, get lifetime payouts from staking the HIVE.

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Thank you very much :) We appreciate it all!

Yeah I mean, it's just an ida....Gonna talk about it more tomorrow in a post.

What has better ROI, CTPM or workerbee?

Maybe a post idea for @achim03

Well I'm super biased LOL So I'll say CTPM.

But Workerbee seems to be becoming the 'hive power' of Hive Engine.

Thanks for the assist. I'm actually wondering as well. I will try to figure that out LOL

Nice. A lot of stuff covered.
Congrats for witness.
Just wondering if for 1000 Hive delegation, that you might do monthly as subscription.
Yeah I got SIM, archon and STEM for index rewards.

I have 95 workerbee, bought long ago, let them fix "delegation" row on it, I will definitely vote for CTP and zoltan witness.