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I had an interesting discussion with @jeanlucsr in the comment section of his post about valuable content on Hive, but we went a bit further with chatting and wrote about newcomers to the platform and the problem with what are they facing...

It was interesting to compare different views on the same topic and realize that things sometimes don't look the same from different perspectives...

Generally, we have detected one of the important problems when a new member comes to the platform... Actually, it depends where it "lands" for the first time... If it comes, for example, to PeakD or, we should forward it to its community of interests... The idea is to plug-in the newcomer ASAP to the community that is in his "circle of interest"... By doing that, the probability of keeping it on the platform skyrockets!

The other (and better scenario) is that newcomer comes directly to the "tribe" page, where it's already in his interest group, and will easier integrate into the community...

I have also talked about whales and general view of the Hive, but also how should we promote it, and focus on build... Check out the video...

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Thanks for doing this.
There are quite some guides that are written and posted. The biggest problem is they dissappear after the payout. Don't know if @peakd and other dapps have considered a pinned post concept. I think peakd does already have it in communities. Not sure about the personal accounts. That would help a bit. Also @khaleelkazi (@leofinance) has written an extensive guide. And both @hivepeople and I have written series of posts for newcomers. I know @paulag even had an udemy course and I also see one by Philip Campbell. I'm pretty sure that @jongolson has written tutorials before. Same for @brittandjosie.

Somewhere, I'm hoping by tagging everyone, somebody will say 'Hey, look here. I have a github like article where every can put in what they've written so far and people can use this as a guide book. Like an open source Hivewiki.

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check out this infographic i made for

here's an intro post that has a lot of basics:

Thanks. I think I had that one listed for the Newbees Digest 4, which never appeared 😅

Because of the nature of the blockchain, the content tends to be less visible after the 7 day payout. But it all stays on the blockchain. The problem is that it's sometimes difficult to be found and it requires a lot of time and effort to collect all this information and then you don't know whether it's up to date.

@flaxz has started to create a guide for Hive and affiliate marketing. You might want to have a look at it.

Yes, Erik his guide is very extensive and fully geared towards the CTP community which great.

What I'm hoping for is a way too combine all those guides in a wiki or a library. You will be surprised how much there is written. There are completed courses. But it is all cluttered. We should be able to bring it together.

If someone can help out with the technical side of it, I don't mind searching for all the content and submitting it.

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I believe it would be great if such a wiki was not on the chain so that it could be accessed easily and always be worked on.

Maybe we could do something about that together. I'm trying to build an online shop and resource page for hive and hive realted content on my website. Maybe we could create a kind of course that is indexing all the interesting articles necessary for users to understand how things work.

You have done a great job with the resource page for Hive on your website, Achim... I would like to see that Hive Wiki as LINK in the main menu of Peakd and frontends (and others)... That would make a change!

You are right about that. It would have to be a central place where everybody can find it. This would be a good idea and it could be done as wikipedia, by the users. They could like that crossreference their own posts explaining about the blockchain.

Exactly... and on the reach of the mouse pointer and 1 click... It could help a lot!

Bookmarked for future reference 😊


Yes, there were a couple of great posts, and they are regularly getting out... I was thinking about this problem earlier... Maybe some kind of FAQ, or step by step guide when someones come to the platform for the first time... (with pointing arrows, to the wallet, communities, etc..)

And also the idea of HiveWiki is a good one... maybe some kind of HiveSupport funded from DHF... There are options, we just need goodwill :)

Yeah, already getting pretty thin on time myself. But lets see if someone steps up who I can support. If you see someone putting in serious effort, feel free to tag me. I'd love to help, but I'm not in the position the lead the project.

You covered a lot of ground in this video

Engagement is the key to being inspired to continue. Not only creating your own posts but also to engaging with others.
It seems to be a hard concept for many , as we have discussed before, but if people dont want to engage then they dont want to succeed and will find the journey much harder and less rewarding , both socially and financially.
I engage because I like to engage. the financial gains are secondary, I understand for some it is primary and they will not get there is they do not try.
When I joined HIVE I went searching for my communities, I didn't sit back expecting them to find me, One needs to be proactive and not reactive.
Showing that you are interested in what others have to say will get you a long way.
Of course if you are not interested in others and dont show courtesy or respect, well people will not bother with you.

Engage and engage some more :0

I agree... And as I said in the reply on Achim's comment, sometimes, we can't blame ourselves for "not doing enough" in welcoming others to our community... The CTP tribe is a bit special, as there IS a lot of educational, training videos on the CTP website, and people actually, KNOW what they have to do if they want to "succeed" here... So, there is no excuse on that side...

I know that there are lazy people that even when they have all the tools, and best people around them, just don't want to bother... but, they are not important in this story... :)

The problem is with other tribes, communities that are less organized and don't have this kind of "coaching / mentoring"... and people don't know what they have to do... It sounds silly, but some people do need all in written form :)

You touched plenty of interesting aspects and I could write a comment of 1000 words on that ... lol...

I think that you are right that people come on the blockchain with the wrong attitude. They come to post and to earn. I believe this simply doesn't work. We should promote the communities first. When I look at the ctp tribe. There are always new users joining and the great thing is: they stay! Why, because they feel the community, they get help and they get comments on their posts from the community. It's a much smaller world and people know each other and start to appreciate each other much faster.

When I look at the ctp tribe. There are always new users joining and the great thing is: they stay!

Tbh, they don't always stay, but... There is a difference as people in our (CTP) tribe come, make a couple of posts minimum... and then they stay or not... Usually, those who go away are those that didn't have the right attitude, and came here for the wrong reasons... and we can't help them...

But the other ones, that have felt the warm community welcome, they stay... It's not the case with ordinary users that come to Hive, or some other less active tribe (community)...

Appreciation and respect are the keys, but it's impossible to "serve" every new user... It should be done through tribes and communities where local leaders will organize welcoming...

What you say is totally true and I believe that this is the bottlneck of onboarding on Hive. It's one thing to make people come to Hive but quite another to make them stay. This is where communities and tribes should enter into action. I believe that @jongolson and the ctp tribe are one of the few tribes that do it the correct way. Their aim is to bring the people into the tribe first and make them discover all the potential of Hive later.

The other way around is just overwhelming for most users. They are simply lost and give up before really diving in.

Very good information.
I agree that you cannot get too hung up in the amount of votes or the value of the votes, you just have to keep on creating and engaging . Yes it is important to be a member of a community, I think if there is no community for your kind of posts then try to find random posts of the same kind and engage with those.

If you keep on creating chances are you will eventually create a post that gathers attention.
It is like with a musician he keeps on creating music and one day he creates a piece that makes him famous.

Yes it is important to be a member of a community, I think if there is no community for your kind of posts then try to find random posts of the same kind and engage with those.

This is true... I would add that you can CREATE a community when you find someone with similar interests as you... It's much easier to create and engage everyday whey you have someone that supports you and help you to go forwards... That's the real value of the community!

Thanks for the comment!

This is a great bit of insight, and I agree that being & posting in the right communities can be a make or break for a lot of newcomers.

That being said, as the new Curator/"Enforcer" for the @hivehustlers project, I have to be the big meanie head who is tasked with reminding everyone that the #hivehustlers tag and community page are for entrepreneur-centric content. We're working hard to keep the feeds we promote clean and relevant so that anyone looking in from the outside can easily find what they're looking for. If ever your post is related to entrepreneurship or business in general, then we highly encourage you to share that content with our group! This can be an ongoing struggle for any community, especially as they grow in popularity. I hope you understand. Keep being awesome!

Thanks for your comment... And it's indeed like that... It's very important to find a good supportive community which makes you as a part of the family... ;)

Btw. sorry if I had broken some rules of your community... It will not be a case in the future... no worries... ;)

Leo has created Leopedia and they are constantly adding articles on it too.I think any good article can be submitted for Leopedia submission.

That's great info and awesome move! We need more of that on every tribe condenser and on Peakd,

Thanks for the info!

It is difficult to quit Facebook because our friends and people whom we know are there. When you are on Hive as a new user, you do not know anybody. The chance of finding your friends whom you know before is close to 0.

It is better to make new friends and get to know others. Community/Tribe plays an important role in your entire journey of Hive blockchain. It helps us to stay motivated and grow together.

You don't have to quit FB... My point was that we have to move the focus from ridiculous infinite political discussions to something more productive... TBH, I didn't see too many "positive" things on FB to engage...

And regarding friends... I usually add my old friends on FB, but on the other side, on Hive I have met a dozens of new people...


I think we might see our old friends on Hive in the future. Who knows if it gets exposure like Facebook!

Well, that's all on us... If we invite them, they will maybe come... If not, they will not... simple as that :) :)

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