Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White

in Photography2 months ago

As we continued towards the summit at Mount Whistlers, a few more views to behold. It was actually our first time riding the Jasper Sky Tram. Previously, over the years, had pondered to trip here, but just never got around to it. Finally we made it happen, a great feeling!


ISO 100 ~ f/5 ~ 1/200 sec ~ 105mm


~ Sony A7R III & 24-105mm f4 Sony lens ~


ISO 100 ~ f/5 ~ 1/500 sec ~ 24mm



Great views and lovely shots, there's nothing quite like wide open spaces to remind us of how small we are in the scheme of things.

Indeed. Good point.

I love the feeling I get when diving, you're in a vast body of water and it makes you feel tiny.

I've never dived other then snorkeling. I did think about taking the padi course many moons back though.

What is the mountain name?

I think its part of the same mountain.

Muy bonitas las fotografías, te muestro mi post, un recuerdo cuando podíamos planificar viajes los fines de semanas, cuando no existía esta pandemia.