Canadian Rockies through the Lens of a Smartphone

in Photography2 months ago (edited)

Found these two Elk grazing beside the highway, here in Jasper Park, Alberta. It was a day filled with wildlife sightings, just a few hours later we encountered a black bear not once, or twice, but three separate times! A Huawei P20 Pro smartphone was used.


ISO 50 ~ f/1.8 ~ 1/850 sec



Love this capture of the elk and the background. I hope you got a photo of the bear too. :)

I did. Published it a couple weeks ago. Here it is again:

Wow! A big one. Great capture,

We actually saw 3 bears, at 3 separate locations that day. First time for me seeing so many of these creatures.

When grew up in New Brunswick we would drive to the dump and see a few bears there. It’s always a thrill to see wildlife.

Without a doubt.

Canada is very good country. I love Canada.

Yeah,me too.