My PhonePhotography #2: Inspired by Nature Series

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Hello there,


Look what my camera 📷 captured today. I hope you find it admirable. Nature we know is beautiful so, I always find myself admiring it and thanks to my phone camera, I can always capture the moment.

The picture above was taken and edited by ME. See details of the photo here...

Phone: Infinix Hot 8 LTE

Camera: 8.0 Mega Pixel

Distance: 3.50mm

Dimension: 3264 * 2448

Others: f/20 1/194 ISO118

It's a picture of a cassava leaf. I plucked the leaf, lifted it up to the sky and then took the shot. Editing was then carried out on the photo still using my phone.


I know I'm not a professional photographer but I'm proud of this shot.

What do you think of the photo??

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Nice shot. Nature is beautiful no matter how it looks.


Nature will always be the best artist and source of inspiration😊