Try to Focus and Fight The Noise

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The most dangerous noise is the noise inside our own heads, no outside noise.


No matter how far we go, if there is still noise within us, we will always have trouble focusing.

Trying to organize the noise in us is the most important. The noise usually arises because there is too much desire and pressure so that it makes what is in us as if screaming to be heard.


Examine more deeply about ourselves, grouping desires into more organized desires, and allow ourselves to learn to give understanding to many desires to be patient.


Focus is a good thing but still does everything slowly and surely while continuing to look at the list of must-have lists.


There is no one who best understands ourselves except ourselves. That is why as often as possible we must listen to what is happening within us, and find a solution.

Stay Healthy

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What nice pictures friend, Greetings: D

Thanks my beautiful friend 😊

How absolutely right you are that the incessant noise in our heads is not just annoying and distracting, but dangerous.

Lovely images of you looking soooo clear and centered. Surrounded by growth. 😍

Yeah something feels like I'm going to be 'crazy' because the voices in my head

Well! You look very energized after your session!! Very well grounded than me as you are close to Mother Earth!

Patience and understanding are the key! Just give yourself more time and freedom to be still for a while.


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So true, what you say. I'm still learning to fight the noise in my head. It's just thoughts, nothing more, and most of the time nothing important ^^
Great pictures as well! :-)