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RE: Ready to Fly! And Meanwhile, Nature Just Does its Thing...

in Natural Medicine2 months ago

Thank you for your kind words @artemislives, appreciate it! We have done our best to create a sanctuary of sorts here... even though we are only on 2/3 acre, it has become like a small park where we get all manners of creatures and birds that aren't really seen in numbers around here.

We've been following (loosely) a campaign on the theme of "GROW it, don't MOW it" to get away a bit from the typical empty lawns of suburbia. It works... at least for us!


You're a wonderful earth custodian!! We don't own a mower or any sort of electrical 'thing" - we cut with a machete when we have to and let it be as natural as we can too. We have hundreds of birds and critters happily living in our wild Thai space, and I love it.


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